Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Happy belated birthday to my sister Debbie!  Her birthday was actually yesterday, but we're out of town and this is the first chance to blog, so Happy Birthday and I know it must have been a great day. 

Here Debbie is with our nephew Christopher.

Short post because I'm very low on power and of course forgot my adapter! 


Jason and Roxy said...

Your nephew is CUTE! But, don't tell Jason I said that!!

Just Breathe said...

Hope it was a beautiful Birthday Debbie. God Bless. Mine is on the 3rd or October and I'm a Debby too! We are going to DISNEYLAND with my free pass.

Aimee said...

Happy Birthday to her! Mine was a few weeks ago and my Dad's is tomorrow...

If you get a chance, stop by my Blog and say hi! I just put up a new post...
Have a great weekend,

Cathy said...

Debbie, hope your birthday was wonderful!!
Just Breathe....have a great time at Disneyland.....enjoy the MAJIC!!!

Mimi said...

Yes, tell your sissy Happy Birthday from me too!!! I was thinking the same thing about your cute nephew!!! He would be ideal for my single daughter the manager at Walt Disney!!! So they both live in Florida!!!!! That's a start!!!!

Midlife Mom said...

Happy Birthday to Debbie! I hope it was a really special day for her!!

I enjoyed the pictures of your mothers birthday celebration. She looks so nice and I'm sure enjoyed every minute of her day!

Your dogs are so cute! I had to go back and read about the manlegs! Years ago when we were first married we had a silver gray poodle named 'Gus'! lol! He lived to be 16 years old and was such a sweet dog.