Friday, September 11, 2009


For many years, my mama rented a condo at the beach for the month of September, her birthday month.  September 2001, I was in my car with my bag carrying my bathing suit, sunscreen and towel....happily headed out for a day at the beach when my cell phone rang and a friend asked that question, where are you?  Turn on your radio!

That's how I heard.  
Until I actually got into the condo, I thought, like most people, that a terrible accident had taken place in New York.

But once in front of a television, watching with horror the horror,  all America knew that this was no accident.  Our spacious skies had been shattered by terror. 

Our precious country....this country who quickly comes to the aid of other hurting countries had been attacked.

A terrible feeling came over the feeling I had as a child during the Cuban Crisis, only a thousand times worse.

The feeling of safety evaporated from many Americans.  I was scheduled to go to New York the following December with my MIL and SIL and I just couldn't.

Today, we stop for a moment and pray for our nation and for those who lost family members during that terrible attack.


Mimi said...

We will never forget what happened and we do Pray for the victims families. Mostly we Pray for our Country
God Bless America

Needled Mom said...

How things changed for all of us 8 years ago today. Watching all of it on the news this a.m. has broght back so many of the sad memories.

Just Breathe said...

Always remember, never forget.
God Bless the USA.

Cathy said...

God shed his grace on all of us!!

Dawn said...

I was on my way to work, driving Kristen to hers, after dropping off her stepson at day care. We heard about the first one and thought it was a very strange accident. I didn't get a chance to watch any of the coverage that day, but Kev kept calling me with updates because he couldn't believe his eyes. The 11th is my sister's birthday and she had a really hard time with that for several years afterward.

Thanks for the good news on Paul's 90 days. Praise God for sure! Wouldn't it be great if both of our guys made it this year??

Jess said...

Never forget...

Love, Jess

Needled Mom said...

Those spurs are soooo painful. Ouch!