Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday showers and Sunday blessings!

Quick shoulder update.  I have a bone spur that is shaped like a thorn on a rose and is pressing into my rotator cuff.....they'll just go in the shave that off and clean out the bursa.  It's outpatient and shouldn't be a long recovery.  Let's hope not since we will be having Thanksgiving at our house with about 50 people


Yesterday, friends had a baby shower and I was honored to be invited. I enjoyed meeting lots of her family and friends.  Below are some pictures of the day! 

I had to steal borrow the pictures of the cake table and the presents from her sister's facebook! 

This made twice in a week I've gotten to see this little fella!  Grady had a good time at the shower and was a perfect little gentleman!


We had a great Sunday of church, eating, resting and church.
Today was communion Sunday and we have a covered dish dinner was sooo good, both church and the food and fellowship afterwards!

Then of course I had my Sunday afternoon nap and back to church for the night service.

Just as I drifted off to dreamland, my phone was one of my sons wanting to know if today was father's day!  Very calmly, in my best you've just woken me from my nap voice, this sweet mama said NO!  AND I'm trying to take a nap, love you, bye! 


On a very sweet note.....many of you know the story of Jack's manlegs, manleg, manhip.....well it finally happened....we lost manlegs!  You may laugh, but this was a major tragedy.  Every night Jack goes across the bed from one night stand to the other waiting to get manlegs.

Being the sweet dog daddy that DH is, he MADE some new manlegs for Jack.  Of course, after they were made, I promptly found the old ones which we are not showing Jack!

Look how much trouble he went to cutting this piece of nylon so it would indeed be manlegs!  He even drew the feet!

This is the same man that when he first saw Jack as a tiny puppy said, and I quote, I wouldn't throw a dog that little at a cow's butt.  Now I'm not sure what that meant except that he didn't like Jack.

Look at the new manlegs below and tell me if you think he's changed his mind!


Amy said...

oh dear, I don't like being woken up either, hope you got back to sleep and I also hope that your operation goes well.

Dawn said...

I do believe your son needs to get a calendar! Father's Day???!!! It was grandparents' day, for all the good that does the world!

Hilarious story about the manlegs. I do think he's changed his mind!

Best wishes on the surgery junk! My mom has shoulder issues as well, but other issues are taking precedence right now.

Jess said...

Yep he did change his mind....and pretty quick it seems!

Glad you had a good time at the shower and got to see Grady....and sorry about your nap. LOL

Hope your surgery goes well with a full and quick recovery!

Love, Jess

Connie said...

What a fun weekend! Your little guy is a cutie! I hope the surgery goes well...