Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wedding Day!

At last the wedding day arrived!  We all woke up to cold but sunny skies!  Well, sunny compared to really not sunny!  

My sister and I rushed to the cafe where the wedding breakfast was to be held....decorated.....and waited to greet the bride and her family and friends.

I was so happy to find those little ornament place cards!  That bride on a wine bottle.... and no, we didn't drink the wine for breakfast.....has seen a few wedding days and was just as pretty that day!
The little Christmas tree we found and thought would be a great table decoration that the bride could take lit up and played two seconds of Christmas music every four minutes....that's right kind of like name that tune.  It would startle us when it started playing!

The bride had a special ornament.  Click on the picture to get a better look!

Emily with her sister, Katie and niece, Anna Cross.  Emily was calm and assured the whole day and had that bride's glow about her!


On this side of the table is Emily's sister Mary Grace, my sister Cathy, me and Charlotte.


Emily's friends and Jeff's mother in pink. 

Opening a present from her dad and Charlotte.


The breakfast ended and everyone went off to get ready for the wedding that evening.  The girls went to get their hair done.  Then later in the day to the venue to start getting ready for the wedding ceremony.
I love this picture of Emily.  She was sitting in front of this huge mirror putting on her make up.  Isn't she beautiful??


Charlotte was helping dress everyone, even the babies!

The father of the bride, Tony, was just waiting to be told what to do next.

As his mother likes to say, Grady got a little off the chain, so Uncle Brian was giving him a lecture on how to behave at a wedding!  He must have been paying attention because he was very sweet during the ceremony.

The groom!  Now everyone is here and ready to begin.


Emily's sisters and bride's matrons of honor, with the little flower girl and ring bearer, who incidentally stole the show!

Waiting.....Lots of pictures were taking during the waiting.

The bride and her family.


The bride with her father and brother.  We really missed Brian's wife, Robin and their newborn twin girls!

Katie with the flower girl, Anna Cross!

While these two wouldn't look my way, they were so precious!  They looked like royalty being pulled down the aisle!  They got more oohs and aahhs!

I didn't want to take too many photos during the wedding.....actually, I didn't want the photographer to come over and knock me out!  Obviously, this is the kiss at the end of the vows.  Most of us were crying tears of joy by this time.

When Emily started to say her vows, she couldn't because she was starting to cry.  She just kept looking at her pastor who finally said.....just nod!  She did!  The knot was tied!

Outside where the ceremony was originally going to be, but the cold and mist drove it inside!  Emily is freezing here!  But it is so beautiful and just look at her face!  Obvious joy!

My attempt at getting the family pictures....

Jeff and Emily with his mom.

Some of both families.

The cakes!  Emily had ornaments at each place in the reception with a thank you note attached......I forgot mine!

I love this picture!  I know Emily was cold and ready to go in, but this is one of my favorites.

The food was absolutely wonderful!  Here the bride and groom are eating before starting to circulate around the room to greet all their guests!

I couldn't get a good picture of the bride's first dance with her husband......but here she is dancing with her dad!  Believe it or not, Tony recently had hip replacement surgery!

Me with the bride.

It was a wonderful day!

This family is so special to me.  God has blessed me with bonus children's I didn't give birth to or actually raise (well, maybe just a little).....but got to love and be in their lives.  These children.....adults now....are so special.  Their mother was my dear friend.  She left ten years ago to go to live with Jesus, but she prayed these children to this point in their lives.

She taught them diligently and led them to the feet of Jesus.......she did a fabulous job!
She and Tony taught them to be independent, yet dependent on God.  To work hard and be productive and they all are shining examples of that teaching!  They are all married now....all have their educations......have given all of us four beautiful babies to love.....good job guys!

Emily, I love you and may you and Jeff be richly every way! 


Katie and Beau said...

This was a really nice post. You did a great job of chronicling the day. Now send me those pictures!!!

Emily did look very calm all day long. (Unlike her two sisters!)

Thanks for posting this!

Dawn said...

It looks like a very lovely time - too bad the weather didn't cooperate. That's the problem with planning outdoor events! It adds another level of stress.

Christy said...

What a sweet post!
Emily looked beautiful!
Glad somebody took some pictures so we could see what was going on! :)

Anonymous said...

Nancy that was so wonderful. Thanks for the sweet wish for Jeff and I. We are so blessed to have such great families and we were so thrilled that most everyone could be there to celebrate our union! We wish we could do it again!
love you!

Needled Mom said...

It all looks so perfect. What a delightful time you had celebrating such a special time in their lives.

Jason and Roxy said...

Wonderful post! I was tearing up at the end... they are certainly a special family and I feel blessed to be a part of their lives!!

Cathy said...

That was very sweet.....they are lucky to have you in their lives!

Tonja said...

It is all too beautiful! Everyone looks happy and stress free! So glad you were there to be a part of this special day for someone you obviously love very much!

Gigi said...

What a special post! What a beautiful bride!! There is nothing more lovely than a wedding around Sweet Hubby and I were married December 26th and there is just something in the air that time of year! I wish them every happiness...

Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful post and lovely wedding. How blessed you were to be part of this wonderful day. I love the idea of a breakfast on the day of the wedding. Love the bridal ornament too! Thank you for sharing this special day.