Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Earthquakes....

What a wonderful, exciting and strange Easter day!  First let me say Hallelujah, He is risen!!  I am one thankful sinner!

This beautiful flower just came up in my yard .....right in the middle of my side yard.  I didn't plant any bulbs and if you look closely, you can see the bulbs are not even really under the dirt.'s beautiful and it makes me think of how God can make new life from our old jars of clay. 

Russell and I got to church early this morning because we have nursery the first Sunday of every month.  When we started walking into the building someone told us the power was out so we walked down fairly dark halls to get to the nursery.  It was light because of the windows and they were open so it stayed pleasantly cool.  The kids didn't mind a bit, of course I don't think they even noticed.  

The power came on just before Sunday School ended, so everything was fine for church.  Apparently a poor squirrel stepped where he shouldn't have and was electrocuted and knocked out the transformer.  We had a wonderful celebration of the resurrection!  Of course, we were sad for poor Mr. Squirrel!

Here's a picture of Russell playing with the kids.  He's just a natural!  They love him and one of the little girls said to a he got down on his knees with them and built a bridge!  Watching him with the little ones is such a joy!

Do you think he's going to enjoy our newest grandson when he gets here in June??

We stayed home for Easter lunch keeping it simple and quiet.  Things have been so hectic lately that I just needed to be home!  Russell's mother came, David came and Matt was home for the weekend, so we just had a small lunch!  

After everyone left, I went to visit mama, who isn't feeling very well today.  I visited with her for a while, read to her until she was sound asleep, then came home and took a little nap myself!

We went back to church for the night service which was just as uplifting as the morning service!  I wish I had taken a picture of the church.  Different people put Easter Lillies in the church in memory or in honor of someone.  We put some in, so we took one to mama after church.  She seemed a little better so I was relieved.  
When we got in the car after church tonight, I had a missed message from my son in California telling me they had had an earthquake!  Be still my heart!  I quickly called him back to find they were o.k. just shook up (no pun intended) and shaking through the aftershocks.  I called the grandchildren, but they weren't home.  

Here's the map showing the earthquake location.  

It was a pretty significant 7.2 earthquake, so I'm very thankful everybody was o.k.

Goodness, what does this coming week have in store for us?

I hope everyone had a wonderful, worshipful Easter!


Leslie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful & quiet day...with the exception of the earthquake news!

Blessings, Leslie

Dawn said...

We had a glorious Easter service today - I love the picture of your hubby on his knees - I couldn't get back up if I did that! What cute little girls. And yes, he's going to love being grandpa to a baby boy close by!

I didn't know about the earthquake until I saw it on a FB friend's status update. Bigger than Haiti's!

I'm still waiting for my first daffodil to come out - I think we lost some over the winter. Lots of crocuses and some tulips are up, but no daffodils yet.

Have a great week!

Tonja said...

What a nice Easter! Those kinds of day do seem to renew us, don't they?

Just Breathe said...

This post was a nice read, thank you. (thankful sinner, I like that)
Love the flower, my husband doesn't like bulbs because they just bloom that one time but they are surely a sign of Spring. Love Russell with the children. My brother-in-law is like that. (not my husband, he keeps telling our children not to have children:(
Poor little squirrel. I love when there are lillies in church. Sorry your mom wasn't feeling well. I will pray for her. YES ~ we felt the earthquake. I was of course at my computer and the desk just did a wave like bouncing on a car bumper. We are fine, about 3 hours away from Baja. My father called from Florida and there were phone issues so he paniced even more! Thanks for the suggestion on the peeling of the eggs.

25BAR said...

I hope you had a good one!

Midlife Mom said...

So glad everyone is okay after the earthquake! We had a very small one a few weeks ago and a couple of even smaller aftershocks. We have never had a bad one here in Maine and I hope we never do!

Yes, He is risen! I too am one thankful sinner that He died on the cross for me and for all who believe on Him! We had wonderful Easter services, great music, great fellowship, great sermon and a packed auditorium. Wish it was packed like that every Sunday!

Well the poor squirrel won't have to worry where his next meal is coming from. That's what my mother always told us when we would see something in the road that was hit by a car. It made us feel better when we were kids!

We had a quiet Easter dinner too with the kids and my FIL with us. Just seven and it was lovely. Usually I have a big crowd but this year it worked out to be small and I didn't mind it at all. I took a nap after everyone went home. We didn't have an evening service that night but usually do.

Again glad all your family is fine after the earthquake!!!

Mimi said...

HI Nancy!!!!
I love seeing Grandpas interacting with the kids!!! SO sweet!!!!
You will adore the new Grand son!!! SO much love to go around, how many Grands do you have????? I want a Lap full!!!!Haha one day, I will

emily said...

russell is quite the nursery king... as long as he stays away from those swim diapers!!!!!! :) hahahaha. couldn't resist that one! :)