Thursday, April 15, 2010

Put the pictures away! It's the 15th!

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We can put away the pictures because after today my sweet husband will be back to a normal schedule!  This is sort of an old picture, but one I love!  Look how little Jack was then!

Traditionally, CPA offices are closed the's because they're in a coma!  No, actually it is very hard for Russell to slow down.  When you've been working nonstop for 4 months, there is an adjustment period to get back to working only 10 hours a day!  :)

We usually take a small vacation shortly after the 15th, but this year we'll be getting the motor home ready to go down to Matt's graduation!  We are so excited about his graduation!  It seems like only yesterday he was a small child playing monopoly with a very tired dog on his head

and now he's a man.  WITH A JOB!!!!!

Yes, he got the call from the place he wants to work that they have a position for him.  Even better, he'll be working here in our town!  That means that our nest will once again have a chick, at least until he saves enough money to get his own place.

Here he is at his coating ceremony a few years back. 

We are so proud of Matt!  He, with the help of our Lord, has overcome considerable obstacles to get to this point.  Matt has Nystagmus, which means his eyes move horizontally constantly and are never still.  This in turn affects his vision.  There are many breaks he could have gotten through his school years, but he was always treated as if he had no problems and so he finished school like everybody else with no special helps!

Matt's a funny, dependable man, it's hard to say that but heIS a man now,  with his daddy's work ethic.  He has worked every break he's had from school.  Of course, that's partly to finance his desire to have the latest in electronic gadgets!

Anyhow, that will be our vacation this year and we can't wait!

Congratulations, Dr. Jinks!


Together We Save said...

Congrats!! I know you are very proud!!

Katie and Beau said...

Congratulations Matt! That is so awesome that he can move back in with y'all. Now you'll have somebody else to nag, uh, I mean remind what to do!

Gigi said...

Ah...a chick returns to the nest. I envy you (but in a good way, of course!)...

Enjoy your break!

The Hatcher's said...

That's great news! Congratulations!

Sweet Tea said...

Congrat's to Matt and to you also. Your boy has become a man and your dog is a GIANT!! LOL

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you have allot to be proud of. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. The best thing in life is loving our children.

Cathy said...

Katie, you are so funny!! Congrats to Matt, excuse me, I mean Dr. Matt!!! We are very proud!!

Dawn said...

I wondered where his job was - how nice that he'll be back home! Hopefully he'll have his own place range.soon.

Glad tax season is over!

As for comments - if you mean are the comments few and far between? That seems to be the case with me this last post. Also - Facebook is really a mess. I wonder if it's my computer or the systems. St

Dawn said...

I have had an interesting comment situation - it will say I have 2, so I click on it just to be sure, and I have 3, etc. It will stay that way for a long time. Irritating.

You're right on the twins!

Midwest Nest said...

Congrats that you made it through tax season! Also congrats on the graduate. Well done.

Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah....congratulations to Dr. Jinks. That is fabulous.

Enjoy your hubby now that he can rest.

The White Family said...

Congrats, Matt! He'll be so happy to be out of school and finally working and making money!

His Song To Sing said...

No wonder mom's are so proud of their child's successes ... we know the "back story" of what it took for them to get there. Happy for you and your son. Especially that he will be local!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this week and leaving your kind comments.

Tonja said...

I know you are so proud! And, I know how hard he struggled. God bless him!

Mimi said...

Thanks for all the great comments/suggestions on MY HAIR issue!!!!
I got it fixed Sat, Paid dearly again, but do not want to hurt her feelings!!!!
OH YEAH for APRIL 16th and the dear saints who are accountants for this season!!!!My son's girlfriend is an accountant but for a home security business, but she does do taxes on the side for friends and such!!!!A vacation would be nice but GREAT NEWS on your sons job and all, that is celebration in itself, I would not mind a little chick in the nest, our son still lives at home too, he is finishing up his 2nd year of Law School!!!!1
I love him here, he is NOT here much though!!!!Between friends and the library at his Law school and his little part time job, he is not home except to sleep!!!!
Have a Fun RV trip!!!!!
What is SEASIDE like???
May do that trip this year?????