Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little gardening?

O.K. little is the operative word here.  I'm not anybody's version of a gardener, but I have been known to plant a few things.....every now and then.

Picking out plants is torture for me....I walked around for three minutes looking for the appropriate plants. I just said I was nobody's version of a gardener!  But this is what I ended up with so I went straight home and did my version of planting.  I think I just won't go into that.  Let's just say I don't spend all day planting. 

I had a particularly good reaction when I stumbled across these little beauties.

My next door neighbor gave me this pot of what I now know to be hostas several years ago.  I set them down right there and haven't moved them.  The first winter came and they died....deader than a doornail!  I didn't think much about it until spring when much to my surprise they came back better than before!  This has happened every winter and spring for oh, probably five years now.  The point being, I knew they were a hardy plant to survive five years in my yard.

You can hardly see these little beauties, but they really are pretty.  I think it's Mexican heather, correct me please if I'm wrong.  They don't show up in the pictures but are really nice and will look better when we get new mulch put around them.

These, well these are another story.  They aren't pretty.  I do not like them.....when they die I will replace them with something prettier!
Would you look at the cracks in my driveway?????  I just noticed that and I'm so ashamed!

I also did a couple of things in the house.....

I bought these baskets to put under the church pew to store junk stuff in and as you can see, I've already started.

This is a photo I took when we were vacationing at St. George Island last year.  It really looks better without my reflection.   
  Another thing I've been doing lately!  More of my fascinating life to come!


Midlife Mom said...

I just love hostas too! They are very hardy even here in tundra country Maine. They divide up well too in the spring once they get really big. Just shovel them out of the ground and cut them into as many pieces as you want and they do great.

I love how you have put the baskets under your church pew! What a nice idea and I like how it looks! Very creative!!

Gigi said...

Wow, you need to stop by my blog! Your post is perfect for what I've got going on over there!! It's *giveaway* time!

Needled Mom said...

There is nothing like pretty flowers to perk up one's mindset.

I love those baskets under the pew. Such a clever idea!

Tonja said...

Love the baskets under the pew! Looks great!
And, I've raved about hostas before! They are so wonderful!
I am so not a gardener..I just play around with it, and if something works...I keep buying it every year!
Have a great day!