Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day continued.....

One of the reasons I put up pictures of my mama as a young woman for Mother's day is that I've noticed people treat the elderly differently. 

Doctors talk to me instead of directing their remarks to her.  (or whoever is with her)
Once a few years ago I took her to get a manicure and the manicurist hardly said two words to mama and we ALL know how manicurists love to talk!  And it hurt my feelings for mama.

Every single solitary elderly person was once a young, vibrant person.  They could once run around the yard chasing their children.  They could drive their children to every activity and even help them participate.  Headed up the PTA.  They cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They had birthday parties.  They held our heads when we were sick.  They talked to the doctors!  Age doesn't change who you are, just how you look and function!  Mama is still mama!

We were all once young.  And we will all be old!

O.K. that???


 This is mama with three of her children Mother's day 2010. 
Me, Tommy and Debbie. 
Now, my husband thinks cards are a waste of money, but he knows how much I love getting them.  I think he really meant to buy one this year, but forgot.  When I got up Sunday morning, this card was standing on the kitchen bar.



That was better than any store bought card!  Those were his feelings!  AML/AML means all my love, all my life.  I had that engraved in his wedding band when we got married.  I actually stole that from another friend of mine, but she's o.k. with that!


Just Breathe said...

I agree, great note! Sweet photo of your mother. Hope she loved her day.

After my uncle passed away I spent two years helping my aunt out before she passed away. They never had children. I noticed the same thing when I took her places. People would look at me and I thought that was terrible, like they were not even in the room.
My aunt was very much with it until the day she died, it wasn't like she didn't understand.

Diane said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter Breezy, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Let's Get This Party Started!! Hugs, Diane

Stella said...

What a great card so much better than any he could have bought.

I agree with you about the elderly. My MIl had Alzheimers but still in the early stages understood most of what was being said. I always felt so bad when they acted as if she wasn't there. On the other hand when we had to put here in a rest home the staff there always talked to her and treated her as if she knew and understood everything they said. I was so grateful for her care they gave her.

Tonja said...

I loved these posts! The pictures are so sweet. She was, indeed, a beauty!
I love what you said about the elderly. It's true! Why don't people THINK bout what they are saying and doing? I really don't think they mean to be unkind, they just haven't stopped to think!
Thanks for the reminder!

Diane said...

Hi it's me Diane stop on by for another It's a Boy Baby Shower Game #2. All winners to be announced on Saturday the day of the actual Shower. I have lot's of Games and prizes.Let's Party!

Dawn said...

And isn't it amazing how we don't feel any older than we used to until we look at ourselves in the mirror? I know it'll be the same when we're 80.

Shellbelle said...

I'm so glad you posted about this issue, it gives me a chance to brag about my 19-year-old granddaughter and you know we grams love to brag.

She was working at a clothing store and all the older women adored her. She always spoke with them, offered her fashion expertise and for those who needed it, she would help them try on clothes. They always ask for her when they came in and if she wasn't they, some would ask when her next shift was and come back.

Her manager is the one who told me this and said she wished she could clone her.

Due to the economy the store was forced to close, but she runs into some of her former customers and always makes a point to stop and say hello.

I am one proud grandma!

Deborah said...

I know exactly what you mean! Last year my 89-year-old Daddy almost died and I had them living in my home for four months while he was on Hospice and we constantly experienced the same thing. It's beyond rude.

LOVE the card your hubby left and especially love the acronyms.
**blows kisses** Deb

Gigi said...

Just stopping by quickly to wish you a blessed week! Love the pictures of your Mom...and what a fantastic card! Beats store bought any day of the week!!

Cathy said...

Thank you for the post. I loved it!!

Dawn said...

You must be really busy!

Needled Mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. They treat someone in a wheelchair the same way. I remember once being with my mother at the bank. The fellow kept taking straight to me when my own mother had asked the question. Normally very quiet about things, my mother looked right at him and said, "I only lost my legs, not my mind." I am sure that poor fellow never did it again.