Friday, July 30, 2010


Maybe this is what happened......just too much information.  

Whatever the computer crashed.  The hard drive died....I may have lost all my pictures and stuff I had there since I got that uncrashable computer.  

Right now, I'm using my old computer.  The one I had JUST told our son to wipe clean!  Thank goodness he procrastinated or I'd be really up the creek!  

However, in the meantime I will be spending more time on something really constructive and I 'm guessing less time on the computer.  

But don't forget me......surely I'll be right back! 


Needled Mom said...

Oh no.....sooooo sorry.

emily said...

oh no! DON'T TOUCH IT! it may be fixable!! do you want brian to look at it?!?!

Just Breathe said...

I am so sorry. That is one of my fears. Hope it can be fixed. ((HUGS))

nancygrayce said...

Emily.....thanks! Matt is putting a new hard drive in it now and I may need help to see if we can pull anything off the dead one! ONLY ME!

Sweet Tea said...

Ohhhhh Noooooo!
Hope it's an easy/inexpensive fix.

Tonja said...

Well, that just stinks! Adam says that there is always a way to get the info back. So go to a good computer person to help you.

I bought an external hard drive, and bck up my computer every Saturday. I don't want to ever lose what I have on here!

Good luck and

Donnetta said...

Oh UGH! Sorry! I dread the day that this very thing may happen to me.

Hope you can get it fixed soon!