Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a waste!

See what I mean?  I wasted so much time, it's already tomorrow!  Oh, dear!

Oh, and I'm not perfect yet. 

This is exactly how I feel most days lately.  I'm just not sure if it's the heat or if I'm just lazy.  We had a flurry of activity with the graduation, new baby, vacation and then back to be with the new baby and his parents for a few days.

When I first got home from the baby trip I got real busy and got stuff done that needed doing badly.  But this week, I feel....well see above picture.

Today when I finally got out of my pajamas dressed, I did go walk our new dedicated bike/walk/run path that starts near our house.  Yes, my hips are killing me tonight!

We did go to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, then to Sam's to get food for fellowship time at church tomorrow, then to see mama.

Wait a minute, so I exercised, shopped and visited.  Maybe I didn't waste as much of the day as I thought!  I feel better.

Mercy Uganda is having a garage sale next weekend and I mentioned to Matt that he should go through his stuff and donate anything he doesn't want......WELL, my living room is now full of stuff he wants to donate.  I'm not even sure how he could have had all that in his room.....most of it in his closet!

He came out with two globes and I asked incredulously you're giving away the world????  Two of them???  He gave me a frustrated look and asked if I wanted them for some reason.  The very reason my house contains a  lot of  little clutter......not good at getting rid of things.  

Now I have to go through all the junk treasures in the rest of the house.  We are all taking this opportunity to declutter.

I'd better go see what other stuff I can put in the garage sale for someone else to clutter their home with!!!  :) 


Needled Mom said...

You have been on a whirlwind this summer so it is probably nice to have a little break

Ahhh...decluttering....what a wonderful THOUGHT!!!

Kat said...

I'm feeling the need to de-clutter here at my house too.


Tonja said...

I know I need to, but I can't actually get started! I think it's the heat! It's sucking the 'get started' out of us.

Just Breathe said...

I got rid of so much stuff when I moved 3 1/2 years ago and it feels like it's all back. Sometimes we just need a vacation from vacation.
Thanks for stopping over today. Mammoth Lakes is about 5 1/2 hours north of us. It's beautiful. It is know for it's winter skiing. We spend time at Lake George which you can't get to in the winter. I don't hike much anymore so I read all day and we play games at night.
Also if I don't have an isle seat I will have to pee every 5 minutes because I feel shut in! (all in my head)