Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4th......Happy Birthday America

I'm so glad July 4th is on Sunday this year.  It's so special to celebrate with praise and worship, thanking our Lord for his blessing on our country.  

May he forgive us our shortcomings and strengthen us for the days ahead!

God bless America. 


Mimi said...

Hi Nancy!!!!
i said the same thing today, I am so excited for church tomorrow. First my SOn in law has it off, so he gets to got to church with us!!!His daughter loves going to church, she calls it chach, and she always says let's go bye bye and when we ask her where she wants to go, it's always to chach!!!!to sing!!!!!
So we will start our day off at church!!!!
then home for a swim and a BBQ!!!!
It is cooler only 105!!!!!
Hot still, don't let me fool ya!!!!

Kat said...

Happy 4th sweet friend.

I know what you mean. I loved starting the 4th off by attending church. Our service today was special.

I'm so sorry to read about your bike fall. Yikes!


Gigi said...

Amen to that!!

Just Breathe said...

AMEN! Hope yours was a good one.
We watched the Macy's fireworks on TV and they were wonderful. Seeing some family today.

Tonja said...

So true! Hope your day was special!

Amber said...

I didn't make all of it, but I did make a lot of it! It was a lot of fun but took a lot of time...I'll be recycling the decorations for sure!! =) Did you enjoy your vacation?!

Dawn said...

I'm the opposite - I don't like the 4th on Sunday. Funny! Then our fireworks got totally drenched out and we sat here and watched the program from DC on tv - my brother and family were there, but I prefer my perch to the heat and humidity and crowds there!

We had a great time Monday night as they held the fireworks over and it was an absolutely perfect day and evening!