Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anniversary and Grandson.....

Can hardly believe that it's been more than a week ago that my MIL and I headed off to spend the weekend taking care of our sweet Charley so Mama and Daddy could celebrate their 5th anniversary.

That's his cute new posed smile!  Little ham!  Charley seems to have a really special bond with his Greatgrandmother, Mema.  We so enjoyed our time with Tommy, Claudia and Charley.

It was late in the day when we got started on our drive down and Lola, our GPS, was programmed to take us straight to the motel, but it got dark and I guess Lola's a lot like me and doesn't drive well at night.  We got a little bit lost, but eventually found out motel which was across the street from Silver Springs.  Silver Springs and Spring Break!  Sounds like young people everywhere doesn't it?  No, we may have actually been the youngest ones there!

After getting in late, we just dropped some things off at the kids' house and went on to the motel and went to bed.  What a great night's sleep after a busy day.

Saturday, we cruised on over and spend the day with Tommy, Claudia and Charley.  What a nice day and sometime during that time we convinced daddy and mama that we could keep Charley overnight so they could have a night away.  We had arranged for them to have our motel room for the night, and we took a few minutes to run back and gather our suitcases.  There was a guy in the lobby with a guitar case slung over his shoulder, but I didn't think anything about it.  Then when I was in the elevator, it stopped on the 2nd floor and two men said going down I hope, to which I replied no, I was going up.

Side note:  They had on the loudest cologne, almost knocked me down.  Soon I was on my way back down to the lobby to get a cart.  As soon as I stepped into the elevator it was very obvious they had already been in and gone down.  Two more people got on the elevator with me and I explained that that WAS NOT my cologne.

Well, as it turns out, there was a festival going on over at Silver Springs and those men were original members of Three Dog Night.   Yes, I was excited to have seen someone famous from my era!

O.K. here's the happy couple ready for a night out all by themselves.

Mema and I settled in for a night of fun.

 We did have to rescue him from a few precarious situations, like pulling this planter over on his head.

Mema read books and Charley listened intently.

He pulled up on the coffee table and look at that look of victory on his face!

We played.......

and played......

Oh, hang on now......Mema brought Charley this Donald Duck dressed as a bunny and he sings.  Charley wasn't real sure about him.

But he loved laughing with Mema and Nana.

And finally......Charley and Curious George were so worn out they had to retire to bed for the night.

Sunday morning, we headed back home and we miss them so and can't wait until next time!

They grow up so quickly.  


Gigi said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe how big he's gotten...but he's just as CUTE as ever!!! So glad you were able to share that precious time with him!

debi said...

Nancy that was such an enjoyable read :-) Little Charlie is adorable...love his little cheeks. I was especially touched by the photo of him with Curious George! My oldest(34, who is now expecting his first child,loved his Curious George...I still have it :-)

It's the little things.....


Deb said...

oh what fun...and seeing 3 dog night too boot...

Dawn said...

What a fun couple of days for you - and what a nice treat for the new parents. He's getting so big and at such a fun age! He looks like such a happy little guy. How special that he has a great grandma who can be with him, too. She must be so thrilled.

As for bathing in cologne - I would have had a sick headache the rest of the day. I don't know how they can stand to be around themselves when it's so strong!

I have to say I wouldn't have known who those guys were if I'd seen them!

The Hatcher's said...

Little Charley is getting big! Looks like ya'll had a ton of fun!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a sweet time...♥

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. It also sounds exhausting! He is so cute, love that smile. How awesome that you saw the guys from Three Dog Night!

Loui♥ said...

I love Charley pics and stories!!!
you and Mema MUST do this more frequently..PLEASE!
also.. plese stop by,, the pics have been fixed, hopefully can now be viewed!
warmest hugs..
thanks for sharing Charley with us..
he certainly has grown!!