Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter weekend

I didn't mean to upload the following two little movies of Charley, but I can't seem to delete them and I don't know if they'll play or not!

What a great after tax vacation we had this year.  We were privileged to go down a few days early to our son and daughter in law's home and kept Charley Thursday and Friday while they worked.  We had a wonderful time, though maybe not restful!  No matter, we loved every hug, kiss, smile and laugh from our youngest grandchild.

Charley is 10 months old and is just delightful.  He almost always has a smile on his face and lately it turns to a grin for the camera!  Here he is saying hello Pappy and Nana!  Or maybe, hello Mikey!  

Charley's showing us how he can pull up and stand.  We are convinced he'll be walking before his birthday.

Pappy had not seen Charley since Christmas due to tax season so he was just especially excited to see his big boy.

Thursday and Friday Tommy and Claudia had to work, so Tommy brought Charley to us at the RV park and we kept him there for a while, then went out and about.  Below, I'm getting my morning hug!

Charley was ready to go on a motorhome trip.  

There are lots of things to turn on the the motorhome and Charley tried them all.

So much to see.....even myself!

We went for walks in the park.

You don't see many babies in an RV park, so Charley got lots of attention from our fellow campers.

Nana ended up carrying one tired little dog while Charley fell sound asleep.  We did try to lay his head back, but he wasn't having any of that!  

Hey, Nana.....are you sure you don't need this turned on?

Obviously, the movies moved, quite on their own I'm sure, so here they are or aren't again!

We rocked.

We shopped! 

We played with the dogs.

But there's just nothing like when mama comes home from work!  Charley was so happy to see his mama.  Aren't they just beautiful??

Friday, Charley got there while Nana was still in her pjs...but he was glad to give her a kiss.

Come on, Pappy, let's go outside!

There's that sweet grin we love

Back at Charley's house, Pappy gave a lesson on putting the balls in the right holes.

We got a bath

I'm soooooo big and happy!!!

Reaching for a lift

Have I ever mentioned what a great guy my husband is?????  Well, he's also the world's greatest Pappy! He's saying let me out Charley!!!
Charley is saying.....No, you let me in, they try to keep me out of there!

Just can't resist that water bowl

We celebrated Christ's resurrection by going to church.....our beautiful children.

Pappy and Nana with Charley

Pappy plays with Charley in the car.

Daddy and Charley even wished the Flat Princess a fond goodbye!

We had a wonderful time visiting the kids for Easter.  We'll see them again this weekend as we celebrate another son's wedding....

Speaking of which, I'd better get busy getting ready for that!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

He is risen!  Let us live in that Resurrection power.


The Hatcher's said...

Charley is growing up fast! It's good you got to spend some time with your family!

Mimi said...

So glad you got a MUCH deserved after tax season Vacation!!!!I know it's wonderful hubby who is the tax guy but you support him!!!!
I lover your RV, so want one of those!!!!!!Your trip was so fun and family filled. Charley is adorable, what is it with these baby boys all being so big, my grand daughter was always and sgtill is so tiny and petite, but baby boy is so big. I love his chunky rolls so much, they will lose alot of this baby fat once they are running all over the place!!!!
Happy Spring and enjoy the slower paced days

Cathy said...

I don't know how you could pick him up, he is a big boy!! But he is so cute and cuddly. I am glad ya'll had a good time!!

debi said...

Nancy he is so adorable !! How lucky for you to have all that Grammy time with him :-0

I know your heart is full!!



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the pictures! You had the best of times, I am so happy for you.

Dawn said...

What kissy cheeks he has!! He's really getting so big! Looks like a wonderful couple of days.

Glad to see Flat Princess!

Katie and Beau said...

He is so happy!