Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, deer!

On our little stretch of property where I don't want to live....ever of heaven, this deer has been sighted several times.  

We think it's an Axis deer, unusual in this part of the country, and because of the size, we think it is a female.  I'm pretty sure Axis deer came from India and most are now located in Texas.  Maybe she ran away from home!
She's a beauty and we hope she stays and enjoys the feeder you see in the background.  She would actually be smart to stay because I've declared this land a sanctuary where there will be no hunting.  One day last week, we saw three of the little fellas at the feeder.  I love seeing them and don't like the thought of eating one of them even though my boys are all hunters.


It's been a pretty good week for mama.  She has seen daddy twice during the night.  I asked her how she feels when she sees him there.....happy, sad, frightened?  She said If I could get out of this chair, I'd like to kiss him!  Yesterday when I was there I asked about her night and she said well, I didn't have any visitors.

Which leads me to this.......

Russell and I have been walking about four times a's our get fit plan and we hope it works because that's all we're doing.  One day while walking, I was asking who would take care of us when we get old and his answer was let's just keep healthy so we can take care of ourselves and maybe one day we'll just drop dead of a heart attack.  ???????????  Hello........not if we stay healthy!  We won't worry about that today, we won't worry about that today, we won't worry....oh, who am I kidding.


After a nice lunch with a friend and her three grandchildren, I emailed her to say how much I enjoyed spending time with her........she wrote back to say when she was praising her grands for being so nice while I was there, one said Yia, Yia, she's our friend too and we like visiting her.  Made me feel real good!


I almost forgot.....exciting news.  The Mercy Uganda calendars are in and they are beautiful!
You will really want to have one.....every month you'll see the beautiful children of Uganda.
For information on getting one, please go to our website or see Mercy Uganda On Facebook.

this is just because I think it's funny!

This is all I've got folks.


Mimi said...

I loved this post for many reasons....
1. We also have some land in Northern Az --sadly it is HIGH Desert land, not the pretty Pine tree kind of land...10 acres of .....well let's just say between you and I --I too will never live there!!!!
2. I also have dreams of my daddy and he talks to me sometimes, mostly when I need him most, sadly my Mom has Never had a dream about him....she wants to so bad...So you know what I am going to start Praying she sees and hears him soon. I sure hope your Mom kisses his sweet face.
3. I love deer too and although my guys love to hunt, I can not eat what they kill.
4. I worry about getting old too, and being a burden on someone.
So I try and stay in good health too!!
Hugs to you,

Needled Mom said...

What a pretty deer too!

I wonder, too, why we do everything to keep us going. My mom told me the other day that she is not going to get her pneumonia shot because something has to kill her. lol I can sort of understand.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your taking care of the sweet deer. I'm glad your mama is having sweet dreams of your daddy. If I don't jump on the band wagon I will die of a heart attack. Way to go with your walking!!! What a sweet comment from your friends grandchildren. Have a nice weekend.

Cathy said...

That was a good post.....I am happy you are protecting the deer!!

Cathy said...

Does anyone think it might be an omen that my word to type in was dietr???

Gigi said...

Beautiful deer!! I hope she (?) sticks around too, and enjoys the food you've left for her!

How wonderful that your Mama has been getting visits from your Dad has seen my Mom too. I've never seen my sweet hubby, but I sure do hear him and see him in my dreams with some regularity. Those are very special dreams indeed!

I don't know who will take care of me when I'm old and unable to care for myself...maybe the Lord will call me Home before then! (Are you listening, Lord?!)

Tonja said...

Good for you declaring your land a sanctuary! Bless those sweet hearts! Can't stand hunting season!

My Mom visits me in my dreams sometimes. It is quite comforting, actually. Ususally we are doing something fun together as a family.

Keep walking! I am trying to get into the habit, myself.

Have a good weekend!

debi said...

Love that "mama" has seen your Daddy... I remember asking my Mother in law if she was scared to die. Her reply was "I have seen heaven and no, I'm not because I can't wait to see my sisters."

One of the last things I told my Dad was, after you take your last breath here, your next breath is in the presence of the Lord. (I hold on to that thought.)


Dawn said...

Where is the property? I'm so thankful Dwight isn't a hunter.

I'm trying to stay in good shape, but have been very very off track this past week - I don't know why.

I'm exhausted this week from having too many kids too often. Hopefully next week I'll have some breathing time! I am up late trying to catch up and finally have a post up.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That deer is SO gorgeous - I hope she enjoys her new home!