Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh, Friday!

Yes, it's Friday again and time to link up with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.

Usually, by Friday my brain is all tuckered out and I have nothing much left.......but this Friday I have two important announcements to make, so listen up you don't want to miss either one!

Melynda has yet another book coming out tomorrow!!!!!  If you haven't read the first one, Just Nonsense, then you have missed an opportunity to laugh yourself silly and you all know that laughter is the best medicine!  Now you have another opportunity!  

Her new book More Nonsense comes out today!  Buy it on Amazon and trust me you won't be sorry!  

Head on over to Amazon and purchase the book.  Go on......what are you waiting for???  Then come back and read my other announcement.


Exciting announcement number two!

We at Mercy Uganda are having our annual yard sale this Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.  Check our Facebook page for details and be sure to get in on some really good deals!  Check out the website to see exciting things going on in Uganda.

This beautiful garden was planted by one of the residents at the assisted living facility where my mama lives.  He's done so much work and his plants are flourishing!
Shortly before I took this picture, the sweet man who planted this garden was out with his walker you can imagine, it wasn't easy for him to bend and plant all these flowers and vegetables.

The garden is now huge and there are tomatoes on the vines!  His son or maybe grandson faithfully comes and helps him water and keep the weeds out.  It's very hard for aging parents to give up things they have always done and I commend this man for bringing his love with him and making this parking lot garden his own!

And now.........last, but in no way least, I am revealing the guests I referred to in an earlier post.  You may have already oldest grands are going to wing their way to visit next week!  The excitement around here is building and there will be pictures to show how old I am grown up they have gotten!  So stay tuned!


That's it, that's all I've got.  I'm all fragged out!


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I love the planted area. What a joy that must be to him and so many others!

Wayne W Smith said...

Have a great week!

collettakay said...

I'll have to check the book out :)

Here's my post:


Anonymous said...

Thanks lady! You truly are a rock star! As for the yard sale I wish I could go! How fun would that be!
I hope you have a wonderful visit with your grand kids! That is really exciting!

Keetha Broyles said...

Girl, you got your fragments together and posted HOURS AND HOURS before I managed mine this week!

Can't wait for those grans to arrive and the pictures to show up on here!