Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lost.......found and other Friday adventures

So it's very late on Friday and I'm just doing Friday Fragments!  

Go on over to Mrs. 4444's place and join in the fun!  

Before I go into the week's antics and adventures, I want to say my prayers are with all who were in the path of Hurricane Sandy and are suffering devastating loss.  


The week started off with a bang........I decided to try a new template and somehow disabled my blog.  I panicked.....I asked for advice on facebook and got some good answers and finally accidently got it back figured it out and got my blog back on track........I think.   Then, after all the smoke settled, I remembered that I have a test blog to do that very sort of thing....TEST out new stuff!  Maybe next time I'll remember it before I give myself an anxiety attack.


The Superhero and I voted this if the political calls would just stop.  It's a relief to know we've voted, now we just pray for the results and ask God's mercy on our country.


We also got two immunizations this week and considering I don't ever get them, it's a big deal!  I haven't had the flu shot in years, in fact, only once until now, but the Superhero convinced me I needed one.  That and the fact that our neighbor is a nurse and could make a home visit sealed the deal.  Next was the pertussis vaccination, which I vehemently said I would not get.  Once again, I was convinced by you know who to get one and we headed down to our local health department.........our doctor doesn't give them.  I was reading all the side effects out loud as we waited and by the time I got in to the nurse, I was quite sure I would start having seizures as soon as the poison vaccine entered my body.  


I admit we ducked out on Halloween and took my MIL out to eat.  There was no candy at our house and the porch light was off, leaving a dark house.  Yes, I feel bad, but I'm almost over it.  I did wear my Halloween headband all day...


It was a long week and there is lots more, but I'm tired and going to bed now!  Have a great weekend!


Deb said...

Sounds like quiet a week.... We ducked out of Halloween too... Have a great weekend

Jinksy said...

Love the photo- but is that sand - or snow?! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Jinksy doesn't know you're a FL gal or she wouldn't ask if that was snow in your header!

You always make me giggle with your weekly antics.

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, I wish I'd skipped Halloween--although the memory of one child's shyness as I gave her several pieces of candy lingers. The thing is that I binged on candy for three days! Not so good for someone doing Weight Watchers. But now I'm back on track. Thank heavens. Peace.

Needled Mom said...

That is EXACTLY why I have not changed my blog. It took me days to get it back last time I tried it.

Did you get your shingles vaccine too?

I must say that I am glad that we are not in one of those toss up states. They are getting bombarded with calls.

I hope this week will be less stressful for you. Not likely though.

Karen and Gerard said...

I have a test that I tried using a long time ago when I tried adding commentLuv. I don't even remember the login for it now. Glad you were able to get your blog back!

Doreen said...

Oh the anxiety over these shots! I have to get the flu shot for my sometimes job (I work part time with the elderly) and because I have a granddaughter with severe asthma. I am late but will probably get it this week.
I was with an elderly client the other day and she received 4 political poll calls in 1 hour and 2 calls asking for donations. I had fun with the calls and made the woman laugh. [ do not believe the polls]
I will be so glad when it is over and I will admit I am nervous about working the polls on Tuesday.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I can change my background and that's about it. I'm afraid that if I do anything else, I'll make a mess of things. ;-)

Juli said...

We only do the vaccines that are absolutely necessary. Youngest's ASD symptoms flare badly whenever he gets a shot. I got him the H1N1 a few years back and it was a major disaster. I ended up having to keep him out of school for two days afterwards and then again after the booster.

In our family there is a clear link between vaccines and Autism. So yeah, we opt out of the flu shot each year.

As for the blog thing, I have done that so many times... you'd think I would learn. But no. I get bored and start changing stuff around...

Debby@Just Breathe said...

FYI: I didn't come here because you were just visiting me....I don't roll like that. Your the first person at the bottom of my reader is where I start each day.
I read from oldest to newest! So here I am :) I didn't know you could get a blog back after you disable it, that's good to know. Sorry about your troubles. I never get the flu shot and I don't even know what the other shot is that your got! I'm so clueless. I don't know a word for ducking out on Halloween. Boo Humbug!

LBDDiaries said...

Cute headband! We were home but we don't get anyone out in the boonies. They all go into town to the neighborhoods and church parties! And yeah I am super glad those stupid political calls will stop now - maybe I can unblock them and have more room for other irritating callers!!

Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad you got a flu shot--The flu is no fun! I'm guessing that whooping cough isn't, either, so good job.

I've had a few of those blog-design anxiety fits--They're no fun, either. Come to think of it, though, I'm about due for a facelift.