Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shaking my head....

First, good news.....the past few days my mama has been much better!  I am praising God for that today and for each day she has a good day.  

I have to say that yesterday was the day from the Twilight Zone but of course that is lots of days around our little corner of the world.  Early afternoon, after running errands and thinking about cleaning house, I sat down for a long nap short rest.  The power went off just for a moment and came back on so I assumed all was well.  

I should insert here that we have an alarm system that the Superhero had installed when he built the house that is both a burglar alarm and a fire alarm.  We NEVER arm fact, it's a major pain the rear and I have no idea why anyone would want one, but we have it so there you go!

If you have one with a fire alarm, you know that if you burn something or grill with just the screen door closed and smoke fills the house, it goes off and calls the fire department.  Not that I ever burn anything, but it may or may not have caused a problem in the past and if the fire department gets a second false alarm, they charge a fee.  

The one time in the 17+ years I have lived here that we armed the burglar alarm, we set it off by forgetting and opening a door.  It went off another time all of it's own accord and was so loud we couldn't stand it but do you think ONE neighbor even walked out to see what was happening?  You guessed right.....not one!  Anyhow!  Lately, it has been calling in signals to the company that monitors our system even though it wasn't setting off bells and whistles at home.  So twice, the sheriff's department has come out to check......I might also insert here that we don't remember our password.

Back to my short rest......just as I settled in, the phone rang and the Superhero is calling to tell me the alarm company has called and a signal has gone out from our alarm system.  Since he doesn't know the password and neither do I, an unmarked sheriff's car drove up while we were on the phone. I walked out into the garage to tell the detective there were no problems here and since I'm officially the newly elected MOUTH OF THE SOUTH, I start telling him that all is well, but that I don't know the password.  The officer looks at me a little strangely as if he's thinking that's what all the burglars say.....and explains to me that he's actually looking for someone.  As I faint dead away, immediately rushing to the worst possible conclusion, he tells me that he's gotten a radio report that there is a woman wandering around the neighborhood who has been raped and was seen walking down our street.  Since an alarm signal came in at the same time, he stopped here in his search. 

I assured him that no one could come into our home without our unofficial alarm system (the dogs) going crazy, but he asked if he could walk around our yard.  I said of course, as he was getting his gun out of the car, and go back into the house just to take a look around in case the poor woman had come in and we missed her. 

As soon as I walked into the house another unmarked car and a marked car drove up and THREE more deputies are in my driveway!  So, certifiably crazy woman here walks out with my hands in the air before thinking to know, they might not have the same sense of humor you have and you are probably going to end up in handcuffs in the back of one of those cars.  So I nervously laugh as they tell me they got the alarm call and also the raped woman call.  I say everything is fine here and that another detective is walking around the yard.  

Thankfully, I didn't get arrested and one of the very nice deputies commented that at least I felt protected and that's true.  I seriously thought about asking if I could take their picture for my blog, but decided they might not appreciate that!  

Later in the day, I was thinking about the whole crazy ordeal and does it seem strange to anyone else that someone would pick a woman up who's all scratched up and says she's been raped and just drop her into a neighborhood?  I don't know if they ever found the woman or if the whole story was a fabrication some one called in as a prank.  If it was true, I hope they found her and if not shame on whoever called and isn't it a strange coincidence that our alarm sent a signal out at the same time they got that call???  

Just another day in Normal Land!  


Chatty Crone said...

Look it up or call the police. And keep your dogs locked! You were lucky. sandie

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is some story! Glad your mom is doing better. Can you guys reset that password so you know it? Many years ago I was going out to my garage and the police were there with guns pointed at me. They said one of our neighbors kids stole something from his parents and he jumped over our fence. They took me and our dogs and put us in the back seat of their car and backed us down the street. I was so embarrassed. They never found him but we did later find the checks he stole from his parents house. They had fallen under our garbage cans where he had jumped over.

Nonnie said...

What a story! And if there really was a raped woman wandering around somewhere, her attacker might also have been somewhere hiding in the bushes or someone's house. Our alarm has gone off many times, and it is always scary until the police give an okay. They gave me a big lecture once because I opened the door to look out. You need to know your password, and check if you can reset it and remember it.
Your telling of it was pretty funny!! ;-)

Juli said...

That is so weird. People do that though, pick people up and then drop them in random neighborhoods. Not people I know, but I know it happens.

Funny... I was driving to return some bottles and cans today and I was going over a particularly bad stretch of street thinking "I wonder if I could walk on this road safely... it would shave two miles off my walk to work." Just as I was thinking no way in HE!! (the traffic moves at 55 to 60 mph with no sidewalk) don't you know I see my 2nd cousin (all of 18 years wise) Walking up the stretch ON THE WRONG SIDE NO LESS. *sigh* So I pull over, and here I am, this crazy lady yelling at him to get in the car before he kills himself.

He walks up to the car "Juli, right?" (we don't see each other often) Um, yeah dumb butt... get in. I can only imagine who he thought this crazy woman was trying to pick him up.

But low and behold... he just wanted me to drop him off in front of his girlfriend's neighborhood. Said he could walk the rest of the way.

Maybe it's a teenage thing.

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, like you, I so hope that the woman got help--that is, if the whole thing wasn't a prank. I had a dream recently in which a gang of three young men were going to rape me. Before they shoved up my skirt, I woke. Startled and upset. And immediately decide to stop going to the isolated place where I walk each day and to find another place closer to habitation. Peace.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Wow! What a day you had! I must say that I had to laugh when you wanted to ask the cops if you could take their picture for your blog. I would have loved to have seen their faces if you had done that! Haha!
Glad to hear your mother is much better!

Rebecca Jo said...

OHHH - how I can relate with this.

We have an alarm & its an older one. They'll upgrade us but out monthly rate will go up like $25 more a month - no thank you... but that means every time the electricity goes off, the alarm goes off when it comes back on.. & repeatedly goes off for like 10 times. & when we're not home & it goes off? yep - police sent to our house every time... now, they just don't come anymore... which is kinda scary

Lea Culp said...

Heaven's to Betsy girl! That's too much excitement for one afternoon, or for one week for that matter. I'm with you, the whole things sounded a bit suspicious.

So glad your Mom is better. My Dad is doing so, so well and it makes my life so much better when he is on the up and up.

Happy weekend!

Diane said...

Wow, that was quite the day for you. All in all, I think that alarm of your is a blessing in disguise. Keep that and the dogs and your all set.

Needled Mom said...

Well.....that makes for an exciting day in the neighborhood. Glad all was okay in the end, but it is strange that your call went in like that.

debi said...

Holy Molie!!
I need a rest after all the stress of those events :-)

I love you didn't know the password LOL That is so me!