Friday, December 5, 2014

A little of this and a little of that....Thanksgiving thrown in


I'm so impressed when I see your blogs, but I often wonder how you learned certain the cute little paragraph breaks (and I'm not sure that is even what they're called!)  See only version....I'm being very vulnerable here folks, so be kind!


Wow, I can hardly believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is the beginning of December!

Happy Thanksgiving from the one that got away!  

This lucky turkey was caught on the Superhero's deer camera a few years ago.  I love that he/she was looking right into the camera as if to say.....not me buddy!


This is how my eyes are feeling these days!  Two eye doctors later, I have severe dry eyes with a few other things thrown in for fun....I need cataract surgery, but not until I can get the dry eye not quite so dry.  I'm on a strict regimen of drops, humidifier, etc.  I'm determined!  Of course, I return to the doctor tomorrow and my eyes aren't feeling a lot better so we will pun intended!

We are still a no go for the surgery!  Sigh.....


Thanksgiving day was celebrated at my nephew's home this year.  There were just a scant 67 of us in attendance and that wasn't all of our family.  

I am thinking we may start a new business.......for those in need of a large crowd for any event our family could be rented for a fee.  Because when we are in attendance, a big crowd is assured!  Hey, I wonder if I could get on Shark Tank with that idea???

Seriously, we had a wonderful day with beautiful weather.  Cool enough for sweaters and a fire in the fire pit, but not so cold as to be miserable.

Our wonderful nephew Michael and his wife Jennie

Sister Debbie and a couple of nieces

Various pictures.....

Brother Tommy, sister Cathy and niece Amy

Sister in law Lois with my Daughter in law, Arwen

We are from the south, so we have a little bit of redneck...Brother Michael on left, nephew Andy in middle and my son David on right...

Niece and nephew, Kayla and Chris

Nephew Joshua and sort of nephew Keaton

Me with my Superhero



The sisters

Attempting to gather everyone in one room for prayer

The food!

We missed many who couldn't be with us this year, but never far from our thoughts.

Now on to Christmas!  Yikes!


Nonnie said...

Do you have any idea how blessed you are?!!

Jealous!! Haha!

Beautiful family. Every southern family needs a few rednecks.

I think your blog is most attractive. I keep meaning to do pic collages, but then my blogs are kind of last minute things.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love that turkey!!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh, meant to say too - my eyes are KILLING me - all the heaters running. I am living next to humidifiers right now

Cathy said...

Wow..we are a big family, aren't we! It was a wonderful day!

LBDDiaries said...

What a gorgeous group of people!! My son would chose the redneck crowd. No matter how hard I tried to keep Arkansas out of him, it's in there. Country music and all. Sigh. Love your pix. I learned about paragraph breaks, etc., googling like crazy a few years ago. I taught myself all sorts of tricks so you CAN teach an old dog new tricks - bwahahahahaha. Woof.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes Christmas is approaching fast and you have such a wonderful family and a wonderful life you are blessed

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Looks like you got the paragraph separators figured out? I have one saved as a picture on my laptop and insert it as a picture whenever I want to use a separator. I don't always remember to use it.

67??? Wow!! What a big family!

I love that picture of the turkey ... I can just hear him saying that!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Just do a page divider search and you can find a lot of them under images. You just save it to pictures put it in like a photo.

67 people, are you kidding me???? That certainly is a lot of people but hopefully everyone helps out! Love all the photos and that spread of food looks awesome. You look great too!

Needled Mom said...

LOVED your Thanksgiving pics. You are so good at getting them. I am always too busy serving to get mine.

Good luck with the eyes.

Tracy said...

67 for Thanksgiving? Oh my goodness that's a lot of mouths to feed.