Thursday, December 11, 2014

Almost Christmas?

Fourteen days until Christmas???  This has been the longest/shortest year in my memory.  The tree above is not my Christmas tree because I'm not putting a tree up this year!  Yep, that's was the most freeing decision.  People said to me.....oh, it's so relaxing to sit and look at the tree......I say, no when I look at the tree I I have to take all this stuff down in a few weeks!  
I decorated the mantle and my dining room table and put out a few other Christmas decorations, but I was just not up to tackling a tree this year.  
Also, we will not have any little children here this year.  

Then there is gift buying.  I'm not one of those who has it all done in June and can enjoy the season with no stress.  Truth is, I'm just not a good gift giver.  I like to give gifts, but I have no idea what to give!  Kind of like cooking.......if someone would give me a menu at the beginning of the week, I would gladly cook.  But if I have to think of what to cook OR buy, then it's a major chore.

However!  As much as I don't like buying gifts, I love sending cards and have so enjoyed these last few years sending cards to many of my blog friends.  Even though I haven't posted much or read many blogs in these last few months, I would love to send you a Christmas card, so if you want me your address!  

In looking through boxes that were packed from mama's apartment, I've come across her suitcase (yes, she kept her ornaments in a large suitcase) with ornaments.  She was so good about labeling her ornaments with who gave them and what year. Most of the ornaments had been divided among us all when we cleaned out mama's apartment.  

This was mama's Nativity set.  Every year, she had it on her coffee table and would let all the children play with it and she would explain the story of Christ's birth as they played.  

One year in the 80's, during my ceramic making phase, I made angels for mama's tree.  Plain angels for her children and their spouses and angels with stars on their heads for the grandchildren.  Below are a few of them so you can get the idea.  Of course, when I left that particular phase, our family didn't stop having their are many grandchildren and great grandchildren with no angel ornaments. 

We will all miss mama this year as we gather to celebrate Christmas, but know she is celebrating with the Reason for the season!

Stay tuned for our Christmas card picture taking adventure!


Rebecca Jo said...

Cant wait to hear about your adventure.

I just had that conversation with someone this morning about people deciding not to put up a tree. It does have to be nice not to worry about the hassle of pulling out & storing all the decorations.

What sweet angel ornaments.

& love how you said it - she's WITH the reason... made me smile

Nonnie said...

I hear you loud and clear on the tree and the gifts. I like to give, but it wears me out trying to think of gifts. Exchanging gift cards seems quite silly. I love Christmas cards, but the last two years, I waited too long. Now I am having company over the next week and trying to figure things out!!! Sorry. Didn't mean to dump on you. :-)

I love that you know your Mama is in the best hands ... But I know she will be missed. I have missed my Mom for many years. Your Nativity is nice. I need to get mine out, but getting the tree down did us both in and I have yet to go back up in the attic. I best get with it. Xoxo

Needled Mom said...

Your mother's nativity set is lovely. I'm sure she is smiling down on you as display it.

I haven't thought about my cards yet. We missed our opportunity for the family shot with sick little kids so will try again at Christmas. I may send the cards out after that for the Christmas season. ;-)

Cathy said...

I will buy Christmas gifts soo, won't I? Yes, we will miss Mama this year! She looked so wonderful last Christmas! I think that was her gift to all of us!

LBDDiaries said...

We stopped super decorating a tree a few years back. Since the Alpha Son has been out of the house we don't feel the need. This year I have a black tree so added red lights, large fake red and some white poinsettias stuck in between branches, red/white candy canes and a few white feather ornaments. That's it. Looks great with lights on or off and very little to take down and toss in the container. I think it took 30 minutes to decorate so I'm happy. Your mama is celebrating with my mama!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I use a lot of the Christmas wall stickers that are easy to go on and easy to take down the tree is a little one that sits on the deep freezer and has decorations attached and all I have to do is plug it in and turn it on I love Christmas but sometimes it seems a lot of work. I also love sending Christmas cards and send a bloody lot out each year I also love to get Christmas cards

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree, shortest year ever for me too! Your mother's nativity is so pretty and I love the ornaments you had made for her. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas while you are missing your mama. ((Hugs))