Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday stuff.....The week in review

First, run over to Mercy Uganda to see what our team is up to on this latest trip to Uganda.

What an exciting week we've had around here....first a little not so good advertising for a restaurant we really like in San Destin.

I have been telling my sister and her husband for months about a really nice Mexican restaurant at Grand Blvd. in San Destin and that they should stop by sometime on their way home and try the food.  They are big Mexican food lovers.

Sooooo.......they did just that Thursday evening after a very stressful day here interviewing people for live in care for our mother and all that goes with that, a good Mexican meal and a margarita sounded like the ticket so that was the night they stopped to try the one I had so highly recommended. 

They got into the restaurant and asked if they were in time for happy hour.  Yes, they were, but happy hour was only in the bar area.  In the bar area are the bar and booths.  As you can see, either might pose a problem for my BIL.  So my sister asked could they make an exception and let them have it at a table.  NOPE.  They were not rude or impolite to my sister and her husband, but they just weren't making an exception despite the fact that he couldn't sit in the bar area.  

My sister thanked them and they walked out, rode down the road and had a great meal at J*m and N*cks BBQ.    I am deeply disappointed in this restaurant and think they were just plain wrong!  Kat, this is one of your favorite restaurants too!

O.k. enough with the complaints.  Sort of.....

Monday.........found out my thyroid was way out of whack.  All I did was go in to make sure my bloodwork was o.k. and to get prescriptions.  That's all, there was not supposed to be any surprises!

Tuesday........Bible study with a group of women that I love and had a great Bible lesson on the disciples.

Later that day, had a thyroid ultrasound and found out I have some small nodules....probably nothing to worry about.  I love it when they say that.  Check again in six months.

Wednesday.........Found out I actually do have a backbone when I got a call complaining that the CNA's at the retirement center where mama lives were having to actually do something for mama.  We have had around the clock care for over a year and they haven't had to even touch her......but she's been having a few hours alone for ONE week and I have been there almost half of those hours which may be why smoke started coming out of my ears and my head started spinning around  I decided I needed to have a talk with someone.  I happened to be turning into the parking lot at the retirement center when I got that call, and so just walked right in to see the head nurse.  I was NOT loud or anything like that, but I did remind the nurse that mama actually pays to be on assisted living.  I think we got that worked out, although I've gotten a couple death stares from the complainers. 
  Later, kept three of the most adorable toddlers in the church nursery during our Wednesday night service.  Two are walking and one is soooooo close! 

Thursday......took the boys to the vet during a break in the storm!  Later I went to the mall and turning into the parking lot saw this...

Poor guy, earlier it had been to the roof!  This happens often when we have a large amount of rain in a short amount of time.  The ditch just blends in with the road. 

Later, four of us siblings got together with mama to interview a potential live in caregiver.  We really liked her.....I would appreciate any and all prayers that this works out well!

Also on Thursday we found out something really wonderful...... I know I've already told you, but I just have to say it again.......I know I put up the ultrasound already, but once again......It's a boy!  Of course, that was the highlight of our week.  The most interesting thing is that they did a video and posted it on FB......I won't tell you how many times I've watch it....four.  So far.

Friday........I had coffee with my other sister who spent the night after our day of interviewing, then she left to visit her MIL and mama and I just can't remember the rest of the day!  Crazy huh?

Saturday........... hubby and I rode out to some property we have and just looked around.  We found a sectional sofa with recliners, lots of shingles, lots of beer bottles and various other things that people dumped there during the week.  Nice.  If you're ever in the market for cast off furniture or burned out cars, get in touch and we'll strike a deal! 

Today........ we had a wonderful day of worship.  Time to remember Who is actually in charge and that He can handle any and everything!  After lunch, I went to visit mama until she went to supper.  I've been reading to her and started to do that today......we both fell sound asleep!  Woke up just in time to walk down to the dining room.

Now, I know you are all fascinated with my week and now you can relax knowing that I survived!  :)

We continue to pray for the people of Haiti, the people of Uganda, the leaders of our country and all soldiers and their families everywhere!  We also, DH and I, continually count our blessings!  

Have a great week! 


Sharon said...

Whew!!! Somehow I'm tired after reading the stress of your week. I hope the coming week brings you great joys and no stress!

lisasmith said...

so excited about your grandson, irritated about your BIL's experience at the restaurant. frustrated about your mom's assistance and praying about your thyroid!!

methinks you need a long nap!!

Mimi said...

HI Nancy!!!!
I am so glad to read about other people's busy life!!!! Some times, I think...whew... where did the week go, and if you stop and write down everything you did, it makes sense!!!!!Ok, glad you had a conversation with the Home your Mom lives at, they MUST take Great care of her, I hate to see places taking advantage of the elderly.
NO excuse for it!!!!
Oh gosh, I felt so bad for the owner of that car, oh my what a bad day!!!!!
Enjoy your coming week

Dawn said...

Sounds like quite a week! I'm glad you used your backbone and got onto those lazy CNAs. Pathetic! My MIL got such good care in assisted living.

Have a better week!

Needled Mom said...

What a week! I am mentally exhausted just reading it. Hope things work out this week.

Gigi said...

I know it's one of your favorite restaurants, but maybe a whisper in their ear that they could be reported for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act would have changed their rude and uncaring. Glad your sister and brother-in-law were able to make lemonade from the lemons and have a nice meal elsewhere.

I will be praying that the live in caregiver arrangement will work out for your mom...the care our elderly receive at the hands of others can be so atrocious.

Will keep you in my prayers regarding your thyroid situation...I've been on medication for years.

Have a blessed week!

Cathy said...

The reason you can't remember the rest of Friday is that Friday is actually the day we interviewed the prospective live-in caregiver and Sat was the day you had coffee with Debbie.....glad to have a memory to help out!!! I had already about forgotten about the restaurant(speaking of memory)...we have actually eaten there a couple of times, just never during happy hour. I think I might call them and talk to a manager, or maybe not!! Have a good you!!

nancygrayce said...

Well, then what happened Thursday??? I'm losing my memory?

Deb said...

what a week..too bad about the Mexican resterant...but they did find a better place to eat...finding a live in caregiver is hard...had to do that for FIL...we got lucky with the 1st lady we hired...over a year now...
best of luck to you...

Shellbelle said...

Okay, the restaurant's actions made me mad and you don't want to make me mad. First, what they did was not only rude (I don't care how nice they were), what they did is against the law!

My background is in restaurant management and your sister should not have even had to ask if they could be served in another area, the staff should have been prepared to offer them alternative seating as a way of providing good customer service.

Besides common decency, it is against the law like I said. I went and found the exact passage from the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guide for Small Business:

Serving Counters

"Where food or drinks are served at counters and the counter height is more than 34 inches above the floor, providing a lowered section of the serving counter at least 60 inches long and no higher than 34 inches will make the counter accessible. If it is not readily achievable to make the counter accessible, a business can serve the items at nearby accessible tables, if readily achievable.

When it is not readily achievable to provide an accessible counter or bar area or service at accessible tables in the same area, then a business should provide service in an alternative manner, if doing so is readily achievable. This may include offering to assist the customer by moving items to an accessible counter or to their table in another area."

I understand not wanting to create a scene, these people are ignorant and wouldn't have gotten it anyway, but I would file a complaint. You can find out how at This practice should not be allowed and it takes just one person to make it stop. Do it for the next person who stops at this place.

Like I said, don't make me mad and this made me mad. I live in Florida, so it made me even madder.

Beautiful Mess said...

Whew! Thanks for stopping by and appreciate catching up!

God bless!