Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta laugh


The precious boy was just trying to save my life.  I tried it, AFTER we figured out once again how to turn the thing on, and it nearly killed me.  Russell got a good laugh though, so it was worth the pain I'll have tomorrow!


After a long, tiring day, you really need a good laugh.  I always manage to get one and here is today's stress buster!

I do mean after a very stressful day, I ran to S*m's Club.  I bought the WII game Just Dance, cat litter and depends for my mom.  At the register, the guy looks at the Just Dance game and says is this for you???

To which I reply in my sweetest voice  Yes, why do I look too old to be dancing?

Cashier......Oh, no mam, get your groove on!

Get your groove on????  The training sessions need to be longer.

Then I noticed him looking in the basket at my other items.....

Don't forget I had a huge container of cat litter too.....

The evil woman living inside wanted to say.......Oh, I spread that cat litter on the floor, put a depends on and shake my booty!  

But, I didn't.....I just smiled.  Once outside, I laughed out loud.  So of course, I got some more oops, she's crazy looks.

Look, people.......what part of stressful day didn't you get???

I'm ready now to put that disc in and boogy......or excuse, me, get my groove on!

Got stress???  Laugh!  It really is the best medicine!


Donnetta said...

You Go Girl!!... groovy girl that is. LOL!

Too funny!

The White Family said...

Maybe with all that shaking and moving about, he thought you may have a little accident in your pants, so you bought the Depends just in case!

creative gal said...

Too funny!!

Needled Mom said...

That was definitely worth the laughs!!! I chuckled here after reading it.

Speaking of laughs....I doubt that I have laughed so hard since we got a Wii last fall. Nothing like an adult making a total fool of themself!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

ahhah you are so sweet, made me laugh. :)

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

ahhah you are so sweet, made me laugh. :)

Amy said...

I quite agree, that's funny!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for a good morning laugh.

I am so far behind! It's taken awhile, but I finally have the birthday post up.

The Hatcher's said...

That's hilarious! I got a good giggle out of it, thanks!

Gigi said...

*LOLOLOLOLOL* Thanks Nancy Grayce...I sure needed that belly buster this morning!!

Now go on...shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah!!


Mimi said...

I say laughing and dancing cures everything!!!!!
How funny!!!!
Glad you are having a funny day!!!
Those are the best kind!!!!
Let me know how it goes, I may go out and buy it too!!!!

Just Breathe said...


I have a question, do you need other things in order to use the Just Dance with the Wii? I ordered if for my 30 year old sons birthday because he is always dancing around and it looked like fun in the commercial.

Kat said...

Thanks for a good belly laugh. I can only imagine what he was thinking when he first took at look at the items in your cart! LOL

Thanks for your comment. I'm been a bad blog friend lately but I'm trying to improve.

Hugs from the beach!

Loui said...

good morning from Denver Colorado!
thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment..
when I saw you were from Panama City...just had to write!!My sister has lived there for the past 25 years,,and I consider it my home away from home!so frequently when the winter blahs hit me, I head homeward!
and now that Southwest has chosen PC, wow..I can go home even more frequently! next time I'm in town, I'll let you know ahead of time..possibly a meet and greet?
looking forward to more laughs from you!!perfect way to start a day!
warm hugs,laughing smiles..

Anonymous said...

Natalie is now by my side saying, "What? what? Who's blog is this? What's so funny?" :) She read it while I was laughing and doesn't know what depends are and says, "all you're laughing at is the guy saying "Get your groove on?" Gonna go try to explain the comedy in this to my 7 year old now. :) Tooo funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed it this morning especially after having yesterday feel "heavy". Have a great time getting your groove on. hahahaha.