Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

This morning these two shaggy boys headed to the groomer, thinking why???  Well one reason is that Jack, the little black demon bites me when I try to brush him.....especially his ears.  I think he has little man syndrome! 

On the way to the groomers, I passed my old Alma Mater.....the same high school my mama graduated from and my MIL and FIL AND almost everybody I know, well except my BIL who went to the only other high school in our day....ahemm

When what did I see when I looked up at the school's billboard? THIS...

 This is my great niece!  Amanda Bluejean Banks!  Her actual middle name is Kathleen....but her grandfather calls her Amanda Bluejean.  She is a fourth generation graduate of Bay High School!

Good job girlie!!!!

We're all so proud!

While I was lurking walking around the outside of the campus, I took a picture of the tornado!  Back when I was in high school there was a different tornado in the courtyard.  One that frankly, I liked better!  It had a least that's how I remember that tornado! 

What a day......After the picture taking episode, my car was strangely drawn to T. J. M*xx.  Just as if it had a will of it's own.  Things were on sale and seemed to just appear in my buggy!  As soon as I possibly could escape, I got out of there and headed to the mall to buy a wedding gift for a really special young lady!

I don't know how many of you have shopped in D*llards lately, but there are very few sales people.  In the wedding department there were none.  I searched until I found a young man who came over to help.  Does anyone else find that the younger generation doesn't have the same sense of humor we have?????  In fact some seem to have no personality at all.

While making my purchase, the young man asked if I would like a gift card enclosed and I replied yes, thank you, I would.  I asked him to put the following.....

May God richly bless your, Miss Nancy and Russell J.  The young man looked up and said to me......are you a miss or a mrs.  ?  I said, I'm a Mrs. but I'd like you to type Miss on the card please.  Did I need to explain to him that this young lady had called me Miss Nancy all her life?

Trying to lighten things up, I said to the disgusted young sales man....You know, you have to have a certain sense of humor to work with the public......especially elderly ladies like me.  Not a blink of his eye, not a crack of a smile.  Oh, well!  I'm just rattling on while my cheese wafers cook.  For the shower.....for the sweet young lady that's getting married.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Later in the day when I went to pick the dogs up from their hair appointment, Mikey looked great......Jack looked.....well, see for yourself....

Poor little guy, they not only cut his ears short, they shaved them and cut his head so short that he looks......let's just say he's not beautiful and he knows it!

Well, folks, on that note I think I'll say goodnight! 


Needled Mom said...

Too funny. He does look ashamed of his appearance.

I know what you mean about salespeople these days. It is amazing that they manage to keep their job.

The tornado looks pretty good to me! Is there a reason for a tornado?

Are you guys freezing there?

Just Breathe said...

What an exciting post. That is so awesome about our great niece! So the pups look wonderful and I am sure they smell great too! Yes, the young people not only do they not have our sense of humor but really could care less about helping us. Yes, it's hard to find people in the stores these days.

Amy said...

congrats to your niece - great news! I remember getting our cocker spaniel's fur clipped when we had her, usually she was really good so it wasn't too much of a drama.

Mimi said...

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Jack looks like a sheep now!!! Poor thing, he is not cute anymore!!!!
The other one is so cute!!! His hair will grow back, tell him that everyday!!! My Daughter's in laws had a dog who thought he was ugly, he would walk around like Eeyore all sad and forlorn looking, so maybe we should not tell him he looks ugly!!!!!

Deb said...

what a nice surprise seeing the sign at your Alma Mater....congrats to your Great Niece...

Poor guy...he will really have little man syndrome now...

Your right...alot of young folks dont get the humor of anyone over 35...sad for them...

Sharon said...

Hahaha too funny!!

Happy New Year!!!!! Missed ya!

Cathy said...

Congrats to Amanda....I think she must take after her great-aunts!!!

Katie and Beau said...

Congrats Amanda! That's awesome!

I went to one of the other high schools and I remember the big prank of my senior year was going and vandalizing that tornado. Go Dolphins!!!

Dawn said...

I've seen other dogs who were sheared too much and hung their heads - besides, they must be cold!

Good post - I think that young man needs some lessons in people relations! Why do you get a job in retail if you don't like people??

Mimi said...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what that surly teenager blogged about you! They seem to save all their personality for complaining.

Hey, you know that your cousin Clare's husband designed the new tornado, right?

Little Debbie

Just Be Real said...

Doggie pictures are adorable. Glad for your niece. Thank you for sharing this wonderful enlightening post. Blessings.