Friday, January 8, 2010

Prayers for the soldiers

Often times, the really hard stuff in life, like war, just becomes news on the television.  We wince when we hear and see the bad things that happen, but it doesn't really touch our own lives.

Oh, that is unless it involves someone we know and love.

The picture below is of a dear friend of ours, Don Tibbetts being greeted by his toddler daughter when he came home in 2004 from Iraq.  This picture was in the Orlando Sentinel and was called Tears of Joy.  If you look closely, you'll see tears on Don's face!  He missed his daughter's first and second birthdays. 

You may miss this, but she has a little American flag in her hand.  

Sunday, he'll miss her 8th birthday.  He's on his way back to serve another year.

Maddie made this poster to go above his bed so he won't forget how much she loves him!

Don and Nikki have another child now, 4 year old Charlie.  Here's is Don explaining to Charlie how to handle things at home for him while he's gone. 

Don and Nikki at the sending off ceremonies.  That's another thing I think we often forget.  Mamas and daddys leaving mamas and daddys back home to take care of things they are used to doing as a team and making decisions alone and praying they are the right ones.

The kids were all making posters for their dads and moms.

There are just no pictures that can truly show the depth of sacrifice these families make for our country.  I listened to each soldier saying how proud they were to serve.

Please take the opportunity to pray for all of these families, those left at home and those in harm's way.  My heart just aches for them all.....especially, Maddie, who really gets it this trip.  Her mama says she has cried like an adult since her daddy left.


All the kids got dolls and can put their parent's picture in the face portion.

You can see that Maddie and Charlie are keeping their daddy doll close by and safely bucked up.

Nikki said Maddie took hers to school with her today and when Nikki asked her if she was sure she wanted to take him, Maddie just teared up and sobbed,  Don't you think they know where he's gone?

God bless all you soldiers and keep you safely in His arms!  


Gigi said...

Nancy Grayce, I live in a military town and many of my neighbors are fighter pilots. I see this so very often...but it never stops breaking my heart. My next door neighbor was gone for over a year. When he left, my Sweet Hubby was healthy and we were preparing to leave on a cruise. When he returned 14 months later, my Sweet Hubby was gone...much happens, life doesn't stand still. The sacrifice is great. I was a military wife myself as my husband was in the service for over 20 and prayer gets you through.

Deb said...

Tell him thank you from me for serving our country...keeping us safe and sound...thanks for sharing...

Tonja said...

What a powerful post, Nancy! Thank you for reminding me of the great sacrificies these men and women make. I think I do take it for granted, but I don't mean to. I will be more aware and will remember to pray for them each day.

Cathy said...

Always praying for the people who serve our country and put their lives on the line so we can be free!! Thank you!!


WOW,very powerful, emotional, sad, post. Thank you for this post! It really makes you think. Tana

Just Breathe said...

I admire all the wonderful men and women who serve our country. I will keep all of them in my prayers. It takes strength to be a military wife.