Friday, February 26, 2010

Taking a couple of sick days!

One thing I can promise you, there will be no pictures of anything in this post.  Especially not a sick woman who only dressed yesterday to go to the doctor and stayed in pajamas all day today.

I just have that head/ear/throat/fever CRUD!  Thankfully my DH reminded me yesterday that our doctor's office is closed every Friday and unless I wanted to take a chance and end up at a Doc in the Box, I'd better call.  I did.  Whew!  I needed an antibiotic and some cough meds. I'm in my pajamas, thank goodness I had on the cute ones, when the doorbell rang.  If any of you have little yappy dogs that haven't been under the tutelage of The Dog Whisperer, you can just imagine what happened!  They both went barking to the door.  Like crazy maniacs!

I was just going to peek around the door and see if it was anyone that looked important.  I forgot that we just got a new front door and it has more glass so people can see right in the foyer!  So I had no choice but to open the door just a tiny crack and hold the dogs back with my foot.  

At my door were two lovely girls.....before they said a word, I knew where they were from and what they wanted.  The lovely woman in front said do you have a minute to talkand take some of our propaganda.

I'm in my pajamas, obviously sick and coughing my head off!  No I don't want to talk!  As I try to say no, the lovely lady said You look like you're under a lot of stress!  Actually I WAS under a lot of stress......I was standing in the doorway with pajamas on fighting by this time to keep two yappy, crazy dogs in the house so that I wouldn't have to chase them down the block in my very cute pjs!

I said no thankyou and closed the door.  I admit to feeling a bit guilty, but that's just my nature!


Needled Mom said...

Oh no....hope you feel better soon!

Loui said...

I would've done the same..or better yet, let the cute little doggies yap to their hearts content.
There is no written rule of etiquette that says you MUST answer the door when the doorbell rings..
especially when you are sick..
and in pj's..
I do have a nice sign by my doorbell that says..
"absolutely NO solicitors"
enjoy your sick days off in the cute PJ's..
and don't bother to answer the door..
if it is truly something important..
they can call you on the phone..
get well soon!!
warm hugs!

Tonja said...

They can be so annoying! Sometimes, you have to be rude...they just don't to leave!!!

Sure hope you feel better soon! The 'crud' is so yucky!

Just Breathe said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Donnetta said...

You were kinder than I. I probably wouldn't have even opened the door.

Hope you are feeling better SOON!

Sweet Tea said...

It's too bad we have to be sick before we can spend an entire day in our pj's. Hope you're feeling better soon...I always feel torn when "those people" come to my door. I sorta feel like "why bother", they're not gonna change my mind and I'm not gonna change theirs. Sad in a way...I love me a good yapping dog, that way no one sneaks up on you. "Good boy"!

jinksy said...

Those kinds of callers I can do without!'Do gooders' thay do nobody any good...

Mimi said...

HI Nancy!!!
I have it as well, and went to the Olympics with it!!!
Picture every close up shot of me with a running nose looking like a 2 year old, or RED nose from wiping so much!!!
How could one head hold all that crud!!!!
I hope and Pray you feel better soon, I am going to the Dr. MONDAY, note to self --go to the DR!!!!!!!
Take care, Rest, lay around in cute P.J.'s all day, that is what I am doing today!!!!
love and hugs,

Love Being a Nonny said...

I had to laugh at this!!! But I DO hope you feel better soon!

Deb said...

I understand...have two little schnauzers...we are trying to use what we learn from the dog whisper on them...but when someone knocks on the door they forget all their good and friends come to the back door...hope you are better soon...