Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And on the seventh day.....

..............she gets a moment to talk with her friends.  That's you guys!  

I guess you can tell that I don't write my posts in advance.  If I did maybe I could post more often.  Right now I'm sitting in our bed with my husband writing this as he watches a movie.  This way I can spend a little time with you and with my hubby!

So much to show and tell and so little time!  And maybe just a little bit of a rant, but that can wait.  I know there are lots and lots of pictures so feel free to skip over them if you can!

The princess after showering off all the algae she picked up from the beach.

Son Matt had us over to his new house and cooked dinner for us.....very yummy.

Of course he was also focused on showing dad how the new system works.

Working hard in the kitchen.

This little guy and his mama and daddy came for the weekend.  We had so much fun in spite of the rain.

Charley is really on the move now with no stopping.......isn't his little tent cute!

Charley and Daddy

What do you think George?

Uh oh, Nana, George is trying to leave!

Pappy and I love, love, love being with the grands.  Someone is missing from this picture and it made us very sad!

Ashley singing in the rain.....she makes the best of every situation

Oh, by the way, we are always glad to babysit!

The rain finally let up for a little bit and Charley went swimming!

Daddy and Mama had fun swimming with Charley

Charley in motion!

Uncle David helped Charley as he walked up and down the little step from deck to deck.

Charley is a very brave little boy.  He's jumping, well almost, to Daddy while Mikey watches.

I did it!!!

Pappy was backwashing the pool which made a fountain in the yard.  Charley was headed that direction.

Later in the evening, we had dinner and were joined by David and his family.
Ashley with Devin making silly faces!

Uncle Matt came after work.......Charley was so glad to see him!

Pappy and Jack

David wasn't mad, he just wasn't smiling!  But Arwen was.

Thumbs up on the dinner

Tommy and Charley

Ashley standing Charley on the kitchen bar

Give me a kiss Mikey

Hold it, don't you usually make the bed for this picture?

Chase me Ashley.....Charley would run and laugh.  You know, that laugh that everyone loves to hear

I'm gonna get you Charley.......

Charley loved playing hide and seek with the curtains.  Pappy told him to go ahead that I had never liked those curtains anyway.  True!

It's really wonderful having any of the grands with us for church.

Charley loved opening and closing the screen door.   Look how he's studying how it works, his daddy is an engineer after all.

Loves his Uncle Matt

And I believe Uncle Matt loves Charley!

It was a wonderful weekend, over too fast and Ashley left on Monday.....but more about that later.


Rats, no time to rant.  But I do have a prayer request.....I always say this is the best prayer chain.
Our friend Mickey has renal cell carcinoma and had a kidney removed several weeks ago.  Monday, he had a wedge of his lung removed and it was determined to be renal cell.  The future in uncertain but we know who holds the future and He is never uncertain.  Thank you for the prayers.

Good night friends!


Cathy said...

I love the pictures!! And if we are asking for prayers, please add my good friends in Mobile. They lost a first cousin last week and a favorite uncle tonightand their grandchild is having surgery on Aug 2nd. Thanks

Sweet Tea said...

I KNOW you hated to see Ashley leave. So sad when the Grands have to head home...That Charlie is so cute and it looks like he took to the water...I'll be watching for your rant - but I bet all your fire is gone by the time you get to put it in words. That's what often happens with me too.

debi said...

Praying for your friend....please pray for our friend Joe...lung cancer, removed 3/4 of his lung...cancer found in lymph nodes and cells through out his chest....

So hard to know what to say other than we are praying...God is in control.

On a happier note, Charlie is those sweet cheeks!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping Mickey in my prayers.
Wow, I loved all the pictures.
Your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a great time with everyone. Little Charley is just adorable. Can I borrow him?

Deb said...

fun family time....

Justabeachkat said...

Great family photos!

I just stopped and prayed for your friend Mickey.


LBDDiaries said...

Looks like everyone was always laughing - especially Charley - my fave pix is him looking up into the camera! Beautiful family you got going on there.

Katie and Beau said...

Y'all had so much fun! Love the pics.