Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the last year in the 50's

My sister had as her Facebook status one day.....aging seems to be the only available way to live a longer life....Dee Auber.......seems appropriate for me as I'm soon advancing another year on the monopoly board of life.  

The only part of aging I have a problem with is aches and pains, wrinkles (I really have a problem with wrinkles), body parts starting to head south and younger people acting like I'm old!  Yes, I think that's it....although my memory is going along with everything else.  What was I saying?

Oh, yea, just a couple of years ago I was having my 50th birthday.  Some of my friends had a great surprise party.......I'm not crazy about surprises, but it was really a great party.
I had planned to be fit by 50.......that didn't work out so well so my new plan is to be sexy by 60 and I have one year and two days to accomplish that.  We shall see.
Looks like the coconuts were already beginning to droop at 50!  

I just barely missed the fit part.  By about 30 lbs.

But truly, my mama always said the 50's were the best years of her life, and it's certainly been true.  
Yes, there have been some bumps in the road...and a couple of sinkholes, but over all these years have been great.  I have one more to go so I'll have to make it really good.  

Like make a sunny day out of rain.

Here are some very random, not always in the first person, in no particular order and not including every single thing...memory you know....... things I may or may not have learned and may or may not remember when things aren't going just right for the future.

I have NO control over anyone other than myself and sometimes not even myself.  I also have NO control over most if not all situations, o.k. all.

Pray before I open my mouth.....Put a guard over my mouth Oh, Lord!  

Pray that I WILL NOT open my mouth in most situations.

Be patient.....working on that one

Love, love, love

My children will embarrass me and I will embarrass them at one time or another

I will embarrass myself more

Love my husband more each day......that is the easy one!

Dress up even just to clean house...anyone who ever watched soap operas knows this!

But some days stay in your pajamas till noon or maybe even later!

Show hospitality

Do something you don't have to do and don't tell anyone...make sure it's not rolling yards or anything. really does make you and everyone around you feel better

Be nice to's not their fault if you're having a bad day

Never nag.....working on that one too.....probably for the rest of my life

Stop worrying, it doesn't change anything.....I most probably won't accomplish that one in this lifetime either.

During my mid 50's I stopped coloring my hair.  That has been so freeing, and I don't see a line of roots in every saves a lot of money.  To be used on something else of course.

I 'm not the expert on everything......this was a huge shock to me

During my mid 50's two of my grandchildren became teenagers.....if that doesn't slam the age home I don't know what will.  I also got a brand new grandson and inherited another teen!  Life is good!

Grandchildren are a gift.......a precious gift.

Life is a gift.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength

Remember you may be the only Bible some people read

Live'll die one day and people will talk about you.


Needled Mom said...

Happy early birthday to you!!! I agree, the fifties were awesome and so far the 60s have been really good too.

I really like all of your wonderful goals you have set for yourself. Those are much more logical that "fit by 50"!!!!!!

Sweet Tea said...

Truly, you do NOT look your age, you lucky girl, Y-O-U!!

I'm a bit ahead of you and realize with each passing year what a true GIFT each breath is. Continue to enjoy and celebrate each day, my new friend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love your list. You have learned a lot of things. I turn 60 in October! I don't know where the years have gone but I'm thankful I am still here. Let's pray that the 60's will be awesome!

Kristie said...

love this!!! and i love you too sweet lady!!

Dawn said...

Good thoughts - and goals. The 60s have been weird for me so far! Hoping for better "retirement" soon! Happy almost birthday!

sarah said...

you look awesome....happy birthday to you and I remember what Oprah always said...the best is yet to come.

The Hatcher's said...

Well, you look fantastic so mark that off the list! Love that post! Hope you continue to have an awesome decade!

Cathy said...

I remember when it felt really good to be the oldest, not so much.....I love all my siblings, but I don't really like being one of the two already in our 60's!! Where did all the years go? Have a great bday!!

Carol Wyer said...

What a great post. My good intentions at fifty are already beginning to fall by the roadside too - but my mum said she too enjoyed her fifties. Mind you she is thoroughly enjoying her seventies :)
Dropped by after you left a very nice comment on my birthday post.
It is so nice to be here and 'meet you'. I am now an official follower and would like to join others who say you definitely do not look your age. With your great attituded to life you will stay youthful for some time yet I am sure.
As I recently wrote on my Facebook status: 'Ageing is inevitable - maturing is optional' Guess how I live?
Happy birthday (in advance) Hubby sympathises completely as he too is facing a big birthday and it isn't 50!
Warm wishes
Carol from

Tonja said...

My friend, this is a most wonderful post! It just made me feel good reading it! I'm only 1 year behind you, and I just can't believe it most days. Of course that is before my feet hit the floor...then I remember. Loved all your words of wisdom, too! So, so true! You know, I thought I was an expert on some things, but the older I get the more I realize how wrong I was!!!.


Feel free to copy that tidbit of delight! Love you!

Midwest Nest said...

You sure look great for the last year in the 50's! Love your list as well. I need to print it out and keep it in front of me.