Friday, July 1, 2011

Falling......and birthdays, and other stuff.....


I did not forget this special little girl's birthday.....

Happy Birthday Anna Cross!  I love you!!

Anna Cross is two years old today.  She and her cousin Grady were visiting recently.  

Anna Cross is missing her daddy today, he's one of our brave Navy men who is on deployment.  Thank you Beau!

I fall......a lot.  I mean after all my middle name is grace, how appropriate.  I've fallen in the garage, off my bike several times, tripped over the dog, you get the picture.  No one is ever surprised that I've fallen, so when I fell in the laundry room the other night it was no surprise to me and as I was going down I was thinking oh, boy.....I hope Russell hears me scream.  But at just that moment I heard a crash in the back of our home.  

Flash back......we just bought some new bedroom furniture.  When it was delivered I immediately saw that the furniture wasn't the quality that we thought it was.  Some pieces were real wrong, so we called the store and they delivered a couple of new better....but we decided to just sleep on it and call back the next morning.   

Back to the crash.....

while I'm in the laundry room tangled in brooms and mops, Russell had gone to bed in our new kingsized bed that I had longed for for years.  The moment his body was fully on the bed, it fell......the mattress fell.  A support had been left out and the slat broke.  And so did the final straw for my dear hubby!

Being the calm, cool and collected man he is.......after he fumed and said all the furniture was going straight back to the store......he went out to his shop, cut some boards and put supports under the mattress.  Or should I say, we struggled the mattress and box springs off and then he put supports under the mattress.  Ever tried taking a king sized mattress off the bed?  Don't.  We actually had a good night's sleep and I loved the extra space on the bed and so did our dogs.  

We are getting a different set of bedroom furniture soon.  We will put this whole fiasco behind us and move on......AND after all the back and forth, I also got the reading chair I have been wanting .  


Moving along,  Mercy Uganda director Laura and her husband Mark were in Uganda for several weeks.  After many months of working on it, our Ugandan  liaison, Henry Mello, finally got his visa and is here on his first trip to America.  

Henry has been to work several days with Mark, pictured above......after a day of work, Mark goes to the dump to, well, dump stuff.  Henry asked this question Do you have no needy people in your country?  Well, of course, we do.  Why did he ask that question????  The things he saw at the dump.  

 Henry picked these shoes out of many things he found, good and usable things, at the dump.  He will be taking these shoes back to Uganda, to his people.....many who don't have shoes.  

I think Henry is amazed at what American's waste.  

It puts the whole furniture thing in a new light.

******  Check back for more on Henry's adventures in America******


Deb said...

one mans trash is another mans treasure..

Sweet Tea said...

What a night - you fall, the bed falls; yes, I'd be angry about the furniture too. . . The story about the shoes in the dump sure puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

Looking forward to hearing more about your Ugandan friend.

Mimi said...

I think you are lovely and full of Grace, falling doesn't make you not graceful, you just stumble, LIKE ME!!!I say I have 2 left feet.
Sad about the bedroom furniture, that is not what should happen, I hope the store gets you your new stuff soon.
I wish I had a way to mail all my unwanted stuff to the people in Uganda.We as Americans are so very wasteful.
God Bless them in their Missionary work.
God Bless you too

Needled Mom said...

The vision in my mind is pricelss!!! I'm glad that no one was hurt in the falls.

Thanks for putting our life into perspective on this holiday weekend.

Cathy said...

I thought you would be doing an Anna Cross post today.......It is hard to believe she can be two already and that it has been over a year since we made that trip to California!! I am glad ya'll are okay and that you are getting new furniture!!

Anonymous said...

Falling is not so long as you don't hurt yourself and are able to get back up
God bless you.

Dawn said...

I'm a "faller" too - way too often, and I have been hurt several of these times. But the story of the bed made me chuckle to myself. Sad though, that the quality was so inferior! I hope you got a good set this time. I covet a king sized bed - I think I would sleep much better.

Have a great 4th!

Katie and Beau said...

I can't believe the furniture collapsed like that! I guess we don't call him Big R for nothing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Hope Anna had a wonderful birthday.
I can't believe your bed fell. OMG!
Sorry about your fall, hope you stay upright for awhile.

LBDDiaries said...

Wow. I am touched by Henry's desire to help his people and what a way to point out how much goes to waste. That saying is true, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." My name translates "grace" and oh yeah, I could go on and on about falling, too! Sorry about your furniture - hope you get that resolved.