Friday, March 23, 2012

Fragments of my mind.....

I'm linking up again with Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments.  Only I must confess, up until now I haven't read the instructions and I didn't realize it was things left over from your week.  Smack!  I thought it was just fragmented thoughts, which is pretty much what all my thoughts are.  So my fragments may be a little different, but I'll try to stay on task......or not.

We're having our master bathroom remodeled and that means my whole house is a mess.  Also that I had to move everything out of our bathroom and into another bathroom......before we move it back in we're throwing some stuff out!  Why does my husband have fourteen things of deodorant???  I have noticed he smells good but this borders on the ridiculous.

The Superhero built this house before we were married.  It has three bathrooms.  That is one of the reasons I fell in love with him.


The Superhero and I have been walking every night after he gets home from work.  I hope it yields some results before bikini season.  That was a horrible wouldn't want to see me in a bikini.


This is a true story......there is a couple that is getting divorced in a nearby town and are in a huge custody battle over their dogs.  The soon to be ex husband actually kidnapped and kept them for several months, but now they're back with their mommy and soon they will each have them two weeks at the time.  If my husband and I get a divorce, he can have the dogs.  I hope they didn't hear me say that.


A few years ago, I joined WW and lost a lot of weight.  I got all my stuff out to start again.  Hope I can stick to the plan!  I do love it that WW now has frozen breakfasts.  Even if I don't stick to it, I'm enjoying eating breakfast.  


Remember my turtle friend?  Our friend who is remodeling our bathroom told me he saw a water turtle on my back porch while ago.  I guess I'll have to watch for him so I can rescue him if he gets in the pool.  


The end of tax season is in sight.  That makes me smile.


Cathy said...

Oh now, you would never give up those dogs!! They will keep you two together forever!!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Uh oh! I've been doing the Friday Fragments, and I too just thought it was supposed to be just a bunch of random thoughts. If any of mine have been leftovers from my weeks, it will have been purely coincidental. Ooops!

susan said...

Hello, Nancy Grace! I am glad to meet you through Friday Fragments. I see that you live in Panama City, which is very close to one of my favorite places, 30A! Lucky you! Good luck with the remodeling-been there, done that-and I know it is amazing how everything else falls to pot when major remodeling is happening. Enjoy your weekend!

Keetha Broyles said...

I think these Friday Frags are just perfect! Keep doing them just like this!

These ideas WERE in your head this week or you WOULDN'T have made the post!

I think the KEY word in the linky title is FRAGMENTS.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think sharing random from whenever is fine. I read several peoples fragments and I never thought they were just from the week. I have to admit when I read your random on the custody battle over the dog my stomach went sour.
I can't imagine not having my dog. Thank God I had custody of my children when we divorced. Well it was joint but they lived with me!
Best of luck with WW. I think that any diet will work when you reach the point of knowing it is time for a life change. Hooray for tax season ending :)

Donna said...

Hahahaaa...." he can have the dogs...."
Love it...

I should take a look at WW...just seemed too confusing.
Have a great day!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I love this. I bet the bathroom will look so beautiful when it's done :) That cracked me up about the deodorant--my husband is the same way lol

Tonja said...

Great reading a post from you! Hope to be at the beach more this summer. Perhaps we can get together for lunch one day! Happy Easter!