Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments.....

I've been joining in with Mrs. 4444's ....pronounced Mrs. fours.....because frankly by Friday all I have are fragments.  O.K. most of the time that's all I've got anyway. 

It's tax season and to an accountant's family all we have are fragments of time.  Little bits of time we spend with the accountant.  So we learn to make the most of those times.  Sometimes....then again sometimes we just watch him sleep!  But the superhero sleeping is better than most people awake.
We keep a picture prominently displayed!
And, we're very,very thankful that the busy season is busy!  


Last night, I went to a women's Bible study.  I honestly had forgotten how I love to be with a group of women studying the Bible and just being together.  The last year has been so traumatic and I'm still reeling from it, so I cried on the way home from the sheer joy of being with women I love and sadness for what was left behind.


We're (well not us exactly) remodeling our bathroom and I'm doing a lot of picking stuff out which is very uncomfortable for me!  My friend Laura has been helping me and she's really good so thanks!  Her husband will be doing the actual work. We're starting Monday and I'm supposed to be out putting in orders for light fixtures and such.  Instead here I sit at the computer.


Summer has arrived here in the panhandle of Florida.  We are having beautiful weather and the grass is growing fast!  I guess mowing will be in my weekend plans.


Just a little soap box here.....
Cursing is one of my pet peeves.  Hate it.  I've been cursed at in my lifetime too many times to recall by people who should never even think of cursing at, no, not the superhero!  He would never even think of cursing at me...the worst thing he ever called me was an irritant, irritant, irritant....yes, the triple I as my friend laughingly said!  Seriously, I do not see the point in cursing.......isn't there another way to get your point across?  So many young parents cuss like sailors and I hope they aren't surprised when their children follow suit.....and I'm sorry, but I read several mommy blogs and some of the mommy's need their mouths washed out with soap, not all by any means, but some!  O.K. stepping down from the soap box now.


I love Fridays!  Fridays are date night no matter what!  That means I don't cook and even though I don't cook much anyhow, it just seems better not to cook on Friday!  


Well, I'm all fragged out....


Needled Mom said...

I am so with you on the cursing!!! It is dreadful to hear moms speak like that in front of their children.

Have a wonderful date night. I'm sure you will.

Wayne W Smith said...

Good luck with your bathroom reno!

Auntie Bliss said...

I HATE bad language.
Burns my ears and I correct
everyone whether they know me
or not LOL!
Don't be bashful about choosing some
nice things for your bathroom!

Keetha Broyles said...

I never even got my frags together today - - - and I had some stuff in my camera all ready for it too. Boo hoo - - - guess I'll have to wait for next week.

Ditto about the cursing and I've even thought the same thing about seeing it on blogs.

Donna said...

I am SO with you about all the cussing! I truly believe some people just don't have a working vocabulary! It's just easier to say it with a cuss word! Don't get me wrong though, I've said a word ot two in my day!Hahaa...
Happy mowing! It's raining here in central Texas...

UnicycleRose said...

Fragments are all you get in tax season, sorry! Potty mouths don't need to go public, I agree.Have fun with your remodel. IT's great you are on your own with choices; you get to make all the decisions
;0) YOu are such a sweet woman Nancy, so happy our paths crossed. HSPD!

Sweet Tea said...

Love your "frags".
Life is totally full of "frags".
I don't like bad language either - what's the point - limited vocabulary?

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I have not done anything about my taxes! ACK! Need to get on that!

Good luck with the bathroom reno... I want to update mine from the plain builder fixtures!

Rebecca Jo said...

Drives me nuts when people hear their little kids curse & they think its funny... NOOOO!!!!!

Carolee said...

Hi Nancy!

I know exactly how you feel about the bible study.

The church I attend is still fairly young. We have a few life groups that meet regulary but no woman only bible study groups.

We are starting one soon and I am fired up!

I agree about the swearing issue. I have actually left blogs because of it.

Not that I have NEVER sworn in my life. I grew up with it and it took me a while after knowing the Lord to stop...though it was never that bad or that often...and never in a blog :-)

And it's something I have to constantly monitor.

I would love for you to check out The Blogging Buddies Social network

You can fill out a profile page & add your blog link to a group or two. Also, if your links and picture are on your profile page, you may be our next featured member!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...have a great week!

-Carolee Sperry Hollenback

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I haven't been to a bible study in years. I think they are really special. So are retreats. I miss them. Visiting my dad in Florida was wonderful this year. No humidity at all, I loved it. He said this week is pretty humid. We all have to get up on our soap boxes from time to time :)