Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fragments....

I'm joining in Friday Fragments over at Mrs. 4444's today because all I GOT are fragments.  Especially in the memory section of my brain!

I saw this picture in my doctor's office yesterday....

I had nothing else to do while waiting in the exam room and this picture reminded me of having sisters.  I have two so it actually reminded me of my own sisters,  and how fortunate I am to have them.  I don't know how people function without sisters, or at least friends who are like sisters.

Anyhow, yes I take my camera to the doctor's office and everywhere else I go.  If you blog for any length of time you know you go nowhere without a camera.  Oh, yea....I have a sinus infection and was feeling horrible when I went!  Now the superhero who is ever so funny and doesn't go to the doctor unless he's on the brink of death, called to check on me and asked if she admitted me to the hospital.  I was just too sick to laugh.


It is officially spring break here and we've already beaten the Guiness book of world records by having the longest bikini parade!  I am so proud!  I'm not sure if you could hear the sarcasm dripping or not.


I happened to be on an errand the other day and a car with two very happy young men, obviously on their way to the World's Most Beautiful Beaches for spring break, passed me........a mustang convertible with the top down and the bass beating and NO SEAT BELTS ON those boys........they were smiling and cruising and I could tell they just couldn't wait to get to the bikini contest beach.  You should probably know that it is one of my purposes in life to see that everyone has their seat belt buckled.  I happened to pull up right beside them at a red light and just looked over at them until one of them looked (they would have never heard me if I'd rolled my window down) soon as he looked, I grabbed my seat belt and held it out and smiled sweetly.  My husband says that I'm going to get killed doing that, but honestly just as usual, that happy boy grinned and put his seatbelt on and then had the driver do the same, they both gave me the thumbs up and went on their way.  I said a prayer for those boys, that they would have a good time and not drink too much or drown in the Gulf or jump from any balconies and that they would return to college after this week as happy as they were when I saw them!


My mama has a great sense of humor.  One of her caregivers called me to let me know that she had fallen out of her chair.  So when I saw her, I said ........ so, I hear you fell out of your chair.....she piped right travels fast around here!  Thankfully she wasn't hurt.  I reminded her that she can't walk and she said.....that's what you keep telling me!  Oh, mama!

Do you remember this girl?  My daddy told me that he named me after her.....let me know if you remember her.

And that's all for now.....even my fragments are fragmented!  


Gigi said... comments are probably going to be fragmented too, my apologies in advance! :)

No sisters for me, but I'm blessed with a few friends that are almost as good as - only we don't have the history of fights!

Hope you'll be feeling better soon - sinus infections make me feel lousy. Thankfully, I've only had a couple!

Good on ya for that bikini parade record. You just keep it down there, you hear? ;)

I wish I could say it were only the youth that didn't buckle up, but I've seen all ages riding around sans seat belts. Such a simple thing and it saves so many lives. Thank goodness those boys took your nice suggestion! Who knows what you saved them from (besides themselves!).

HA!! I love your Mama's humor! It truly is the best medicine, isn't it?!

When I saw your cartoon, I hollered out, "NANCY!!!!!!" She was always my favorite when I was growing up!! :)

Fun post, Nancy...a bit of "sunshine" on this rainy Friday afternoon!

Needled Mom said...

I do hope you got something to make you feel a bit better.

I hope they kept those seatbelts on for the rest of the trip. Way to go!!!

Your mom does sound like she has a great sense of humor too.

Keetha Broyles said...

I carry my camera most places with me too.

Love your seat belt "trick."

Yes, I DO remember "her."

These were such fun fragments - especially the bikini one.

Oh, and I DID hear the dripping.

Dawn said...

Sorry you've been sick - that is one of the things that was wrong with Dwight 4 weeks ago when this all began. BTW, he's home!! And I'm back in the boot - ugh!!

Yes, I remember Nancy. We're officially old!

I think I'm glad I don't live by a beach this time of year! Spring break already - ours is later this year - maybe we'll actually have some spring like weather for spring break for a change.

One sister - ever fought. Sometimes irritated, but not often.

Love "fragments" - only thing I can seem to come up with any more. I didn't know there was an official site for this type of post.

Dwight's mom fell over her oxygen tube this week - scary stuff. I always worry about that when I'm at her apartment. She'll be moving to full care soon, and she's ready.

Cathy said...

Thank you for the sister mention....we are indeed lucky to have each other....all three of us and our three wonderful brothers....we are a blessed family!!

Poor Mama, she does think she can walk....I wish she really could!!

Of course, speaking of seat belts, I wish the walking part for several people in my life that I love of them I am looking at right now and remembering how we used to be staunch seatbelt nonbeleivers....we had to learn the hard way many years ago....I pray everyday that no one else has to learn the way we did..........we never get into a vehicle without a seatbelt now and I preach it to everyone I can!!! STOP!! BUCKLE UP!!

Hope you feel better soon!!

LBDDiaries said...

Nancy and Sluggo - loved that comix strip when I was growing up. I can't believe I've been gone long enough for you to completely re-do your blog! Looks beautiful (but I miss your picture!) I was named after a brand of canned vegetables.

Loui♥ said...

Oh Nancy!!
I'm still laughing!!
to be sick with a sinus infection, this post is worlds away from your misery!!
yep.. i remember Nancy and Sluggo and Aunt Fritzi yelling...
guess we ALL are getting older..
I do the same with my camera..
fortunately, most of my Dr's offices are in high rises..
affording excellent views of the mountains..
got caught once..
had to share my pics!
now if only I had a zoom lens!!
good for you..
seatbelts are mandatory!
and your mom..
what a trip!!
hope you feel better soon!!
warmest hugs!!

Auntie Bliss said...

Sorry about the sinus infection!

I would have done the same with that carload of boys...I embarrass my boys by talking to anyone about anything when I feel led. Well, it works. And kids appreciate the love!

Anonymous said...

I do remember that girl! Watched that cartoon when I was a little girl. I laughed so hard when you were talking about superhero. My hubs won't go to the doctor unless I make the appointment, threaten to have him sleep on the couch and put a bark collar on him and drag him the whole way. Men!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

I LOVE that girl and I totally remember her! :)

P. S. I love the pic from the doctor's office. Sometimes they have the best pictures :)

Tonja said...

Oh, yese, Nancy and her friend, Sluggo, are visitors to our house every Sunday in the comics!

Sorry you are sick..especially since we are having some nice weather right now.

I heard about the bikini parade and wondered if you joined. Such a high honor for PCB! :-)

Good for you about the seatbelts. I preach it all the time to any young person I run into. Well, not actually 'run into'...but the ones I see out and about.

Your Mom is keeping up just fine, it seems like. That's wonderful!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Seeing that picture of Nancy brought a smile to my face. I loved Nancy. I love that you are after people about their seat belts. I am after people on their phones. I am ready to make a sign I can hold up! I do not take my camera everywhere, but my phone takes a pretty good photo.