Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is it just me????

Or do you have days when you just feel frozen....like you can accomplish nothing?  Cause that is how I feel today.  

But last night, superhero and I took our once a month walk.  We are so determined to be healthy that we walk two miles no less than once a month...and usually no more.  

Of course, one of us has the excuse that it's the busy season....the other, not so much.   She doesn't seem to need an excuse!  But just in case you are thinking I never do anything, I have evidence that some days I'm really productive.  Like this....

Yes, some days I cook supper......healthy supper.  I cooked once last week.

Then I package it up and take it to the superhero's office and if I'm feeling romantic, I even take mine and eat with him.  During the busy season, he takes a ten minute supper break.  I'm just kidding, but it seems like it's awfully fast.

Then I come home to wait for him to finish for the day.  I'll be the first to admit it's a lonely time of year, but we're blessed beyond measure that he has work when so many don't.  My way of saying that even when I'm complaining, I know I shouldn't.

Oh, and one day I made my bed!  Mikey doesn't really appreciate the effort because he would much rather be on my blanket than the bedspread......but he manages.

Matt's new puppy came to visit.  Before she could come, she had to go to the vet and get thoroughly checked out to be sure she was safe from all puppy diseases and had no fleas!  A basic requirement to bring any animal into my home.  

While she was here, she found her tail and Mikey lost his.....he hates her and that's putting it mildly.

Both our boys couldn't wait to get out of the kitchen and into the part of the house where Gracie wasn't allowed to go unless one of us had eyes on her.

Gracie learned to fight with her rope toy

That cats aren't to be messed with because they just don't get intimidated and they slap hard!  Best to stay under someone's legs when Max is around

But, why can't I go where the boys go???

She is a cute, sweet puppy, but reminded me of why I don't want a new puppy to raise.  At least human babies wear diapers!

In the background, I can hear lawn mowers and since I know they aren't in my yard I'd better go out and get mine cranked!  Maybe I'm thawing out a little. 

I'm constantly reminded of this in my life!  


Gigi said...

Ahh...the end of the Winter doldrums!! But Spring is in the air and I bet you'll soon have a "spring" in your step as well! ;)

And isn't Gracie cute?! But I'm with you - I surely don't have the energy that a puppy requires! Casey Sparkles has been handful enough!!

Leslie said...

I often have days when I'm "frozen"! I've come to the conclusion that only one room in our house will ever be clean at any given time!!

Dawn said...

The answer to that question is, "YES!"

Needled Mom said...

I tend to feel that way when it is cold - chilled to the bone cold and not wanting to do anything.

It looks like you had an interesting time with the puppy sitting. I am so with you on raising another puppy. Like children, I'll leave that task to the young!!

Anonymous said...

Puppies can be such a handful. My mom once gave me some advice. ( I think she was joking.) She said train your man like a puppy from the get go. Reward good behavior and turn your back on him for bad behavior. ( I'm not sure she was kidding after all haha)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your meal looks good and healthy.
How sweet that you go to his office
and eat with him. Well the puppy is cute. Hope he gets all trained quickly so he can join the others.

Deb said...

sounds like your warming up...cute puppy...

Auntie Bliss said...

You can still do a handstand???
I'm so jealous!
I'm going to try again tomorrow and the next day.

Tonja said...

Catching up this mornings! what a sweet , touching story about the beginning of your new married life. I think You two were very wise. And, how wonderful that al get along so well. And, just look at the extra blessing that came ablong with 'hubby'.

Love the new puppy. But, oh, how I hate those messes! Yuck!

Are you beginning to see signs of spring there in PC? We are here. And, I'm happy to see it, though I shouldn't complain because it surely hasn't beena bad winter.

UnicycleRose said...

I love that your dog is name Mikey! My dog loves to mess up my bed pillows also. And I agree, puppies are a TON of work. It's like having a baby ;0)You are so sweet to deliver dinner, that is alot of extra work. I am sure you are appreciated.Have a wodnerful weekend Lady!

LBDDiaries said...

Cute dogs! Love that last saying - love grace! On days when I seem frozen? I go with the flow, pull out that new Kindle and start a new book! Why try to FORCE myself to be constructive?