Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fragments....

Wow!  I guess I'm becoming a Friday only poster. It seems to be all I can do for now...
Anyway, if you have leftover stuff from your week that wasn't enough for an entire post OR Friday is the only post you're doing, join Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time and dump them out with the rest of us.

It's Thursday (I know I say that every week) and I am trying to get this finished so I can just hit publish tomorrow.  


One of our sons and his wife had their second anniversary this week!  Happy Anniversary David and Arwen.....they had a sweet and fun wedding.
I like this picture!


Speaking of, May 2, is the 17th anniversary of my daddy's death.  Daddy was an extraordinarily special man and the rock of our family.  He had a dry sense of humor.....I can still hear him say to mama after her mother died.....well, Margaret, I guess this means we're orphans!  Daddy was 76 when he died and worked 6 days a week and went to church on Sunday.  He ate supper at our house the night before he died and was happy and talkative.... which was a little unusual.....he even hugged me as he was leaving and daddy wasn't a hugger.  He and mama went home, went to bed, he got up during the early, dark hours of the morning and dropped dead.  Although it was a shock and devastating at the time, we realize now it was merciful and the way he would have chosen to die.  But we all miss him every day, some days more than others.

I know this is picture overload, but I have noticed in pictures of me and daddy, I always have a hand on him......he made all of us feel safe and secure and taught us about our Lord and then led by example......he was just that special!  And yes, I know it's a crooked picture, but I don't have time to edit!

I just noticed that in the picture below he is looking at me like would you please let go!  :)


This morning at 4:48 am....gotta love digital clocks.....the Superhero's phone rang and when he looked at the screen he was alarmed to see it was his mama.  In the course of three seconds, I came to every worst scenario possible.  

Turns out, our burglar alarm was sending out a signal to the alarm company and for some reason our phones wouldn't work.  I called today and asked them to take his mama off the contact list because she doesn't need to get a call at that time of the morning!

The Superhero decided to get up and it's a good thing as the police were at the door!  When they couldn't get through to us, they sent help.  Thankful we didn't need help!  Side note.....our alarm wasn't even turned on so their was a major malfunction.  Started our day off with some excitement!


Today is the National Day of Prayer and I hope we all stop for a few minutes and pray for our country and leaders.


I made a pound cake for a funeral lunch this week.....F.A.I.L. .....literally, I either make a beautiful pound cake or an ugly one and this one came out of the pan and all the side and bottom stuck and came was horrible!  It was also the morning it needed to be at the church at 11:45 a.m.  The Superhero suggested I slice it and it wouldn't look so bad.....nope, that didn't work.  I froze each piece individually.  Then I went to work and made another one (miracle.....having an extra creme cheese in the fridge).  This one I prayed over and I'm not kidding.  I asked the Lord to make it come out right since it wasn't for us and it was beautiful!  Whew!


Have a great weekend all.


Rebecca Jo said...

We would have run ins with our alarm for awhile too...

2 yr anniversary? Still newlyweds :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Did you see that there is a new button? I just posted today that I have to spend less time on my computer. Your living life and that's important. Happy Anniversary to David and Arwen. Sounds like your daddy was a wonderful hard working man. ((HUGS)) My mind does that too. I have people dead and buried in a second! Sucks that it woke his mama up. I will pray with you today.

Nonnie said...

I love this post! Such a mixture of joy and love, nostalgia and comedy all in one! It would have been fun to see more photos of you and your family. (Is there a blogging rule about posting too many pics? If so, I think I have broken it.)

The false alarm and pound cake stories!! Sounds very, very familiar. Visits from the police and praying over foods to take to others happens on a regular basis here. I've had my share of flops and re-wraps to freeze.

Enjoy your weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

You must have lost your dad in 1997 - same year I lost my brother. Isn't it amazing almost 20 years? And yes you had your hands on your dad - so sweet you must have loved him so much.
Happy anniversary to your son and his wife.

Deb said...

sounds like your Daddy was a great the photos...happy the alarm was false...happy the cake turned out good on second try...

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Happy anniversary to your son and daughter-in-law. I love that picture, too.

I can see how much you loved your dad ... it doesn't matter how long our loved ones have been gone, we'll never truly get over missing them.

Glad the alarm was a false alarm ... but 4:48 AM?? Started your day off with excitement, yes ... but no one needs that kind of excitement. ;-)

Cyndy Newsome said...

GIggling...yep your daddy is looking at you like "unhand me, woman!"
My dad is 76 now and just had heart surgery. Scary stuff.
That sounds like a rude awakening you had! Hope the day got better & you had a good weekend.

Dee said...

Dear Nancy, I hope you had a weekend that fulfilled all your hopes and expectations. I don't have many pictures that show me with my dad. We had only a Brownie box camera that had been given to me as a gift by the owner of the Bendix repair shop where I worked after my junior year in high school. So I mostly took the photographs of my mom, dad, and brother. Peace.