Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The weekend.....

There has been a lot of spam going around in the form of comments and I would like to suggest comment moderation if you're having a problem.  Comment moderation is simple and there is no word verification which everyone hates!  If you're on blogger, you can report it as spam, even though I haven't noticed it slowing down after reporting it numerous times.  Just a suggestion.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.  IT'S NOT FRIDAY AND I'M POSTING.  

I have to say I'm a little jealous of all you that have your grandchildren living nearby.  Mine all live away, some in the same state and some across the country and a great-grandchild in still another part of the country.  This weekend we took a road trip to see the two youngest grands who also happen to be the ones that live near enough to drive.  We took my MIL so she could spend time with them too.

It was a good time and I'll tell you in advance I won't post all 300+ pictures.  But a few seem to be in order so here we go.

This boy has really grown since we last saw him and he's so sweet and laid back!

We took Charley the movie Toy Story and after examining the box, he informed us it was scary!  We tried to convince him otherwise, but he wasn't buying that line.  It didn't help that Woody actually did look scared in the picture on the box.

Always a smile

Wanted to try some coke and it was spicy.  I think the sharp taste shocked Charley.

Pappy is so much fun to play with and Charley laughed and laughed

We took a visit to the park and Charley was all motion and is fearless when he plays

Pappy and Uncle Matt got in on the action

Daddy push me higher

Swinging looked like too much fun and these two had to try...

Trying to get a family photo....Daddy was trying to get Charley to look at Nana

They ran the whole track

This may be my favorite.....caught him mid jump on the balance beam

Funny story.....the dog The Superhero is holding is Mikey, but Charley calls him Michael.  We have no idea where he came up with that but it's so cute

The weekend was so nice, but Monday it was back home to normal land....not!  And lots of laundry!

The week has gone downhill since then in a big way!  A trip to the surgeon Tuesday confirmed that my gall bladder has to come out, so I'll be having surgery the end of the month.  Thankfully, the Superhero will take good care of his drama queen me and the doctor says the recovery is a snap.  

Today was no picnic either but for a different reason.  Thankfully, I read a devotion on Psalm 126 about joy and laughter.  It eased things considerable, well not really, but it helped.  

I was overjoyed at the news of the three young women and child rescued from their captor.  It is  hard to imagine ten years being held by a crazy psycho and I applaud the young woman who took a chance and the neighbor who helped her.  Good to hear good news.

I was appalled to listen to the Benghazi testimony today.  Enraged that those men were allowed to be butchered without an attempt by our government to help.  But the blatantly nonchalant attitude of some is what blew me away especially in light of the emotional, factual testimony and made me shake my head and wonder what is happening to our country.  

If there is anything left of my poor old brain, I'll see you all for Friday Fragments!  Have a good rest of your week


Deb said...

Your grands are adorable...great photos!!!!it is unbelievable to me that they are still covering this like no big deal...4 Americans are dead and they did nothing to help them

Chatty Crone said...

Your grand children are adorable and I have one that lives with me and one that lives far away and that is hard.
I am glad that those girls got free too.
I just take letting anonymous comments allowed and so far I have been lucky.
Good luck with your gall bladder.


Rebecca Jo said...

Look at you, you weekday blogger :) I get it - grandbaby's pictures can't wait :)

Oh man - if you sit & watch the news & everything going on, its just unreal sometimes, isn't it?

Hope that brain refreshes for Friday :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the mid jump shot! All the pictures are adorable and I'm so glad you got to visit with them. Hope he watches Toy Story, they are such cute movies. So now I am sitting here in tears. Our government has let us down too many times. It hurts me so much that I find myself crying often these days. Praying all goes well with your surgery. ((HUGS)) Also, like Chatty I have had to take anonymous comments off and it's worked well.

debi said...

Looks like you did enjoy the visit with the grands :-) I just loved that the little one called the dog Michael LOL too funny.

Sorry to hear you are needing surgery. Will keep you in prayer and if I was near by I would offer to bring over a meal for you and the Super hero....


Lea Culp said...

Oh, what sweet little boys and I do love the red hair!

Hubby had his gall bladder out 3 years ago and just did wonderfully. So, so different from when they had to cut you from A-Z. I'm sure you'll do great and you'll be so glad to be rid of it.

I hardly watch the news any more, just brings me down, but I do love hearing good reports such as the 3 girls being rescued. I cannot even imagine what they have been through.

Happy weekend!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Your grands are so cute and it looks like everyone had a great time at the park. Great photos!

The news about the 3 young women was wonderful news! What I'm hearing about Benghazi makes me very angry with our government and I, too, am wondering what is happening to our country! So many of us are so frustrated and worried. But, what can we do? I pray those who let the 4 Americans die without an attempt to help them will be found out and removed from their positions...whoever they are.

Hope your gall bladder surgery goes well and recovery is a breeze! Take care.

Needled Mom said...

That new little guy looks just like Charley did when he was little. I am so glad that you got to spend some time with them. I love the mid air picture too.

Sorry to hear that you need surgery this month. I know you will do fine and have awesome post surgical care ;-)

I've been watching the hearings too. It's a shame nothing will ever become of what they are hearing.