Monday, October 1, 2007

Can it be October??

Can anyone explain WHY times goes faster as we get older? I can hardly believe it is October and I'm already having to eat halloween candy. Sigh.....I really need to work on my self discipline.
If you carefully look at the bottom of this postcard sent to me by my traveling sister, you'll notice I actually have a canyon named for honor I must say! Looking at those rapids, you would have to be a crazy person to be there. In case any of you want to go pay homage, it is in the Bighorn National Forest. My sister, Cathy and her husband, Dick have been on a several state tour going to Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and into Montana. Just doing American traveling! They have a lot of great pictures and as soon as I learn how to upload them from shutterfly to this blog, I'll try to share them. Don't hold your breath!
Our KOHLS opened!!! I rushed over today and walked around the store twice, but didn't see anything I just had to leave with, and believe it when I say that wasn't easy! I am trying to find some of the wide leg trouser-like jeans and I'm having NO luck at all! We don't have Old Navy. I know I could order them, but I really need to see what they look like on first! Cause things that look good on the internet often turn out sooooooo different on my body.
Hope everyone had a great Monday. Actually it was a fairly quiet day here. :) Love it!


Ang baylis said...

You are right... time just keeps speeding by faster every year! It seems like it just turned 2000! Wow!

Good luck with the jeans situation! It's SO difficult to find the right pair! My daughter did an internship at a little boutique last year where they sold EXPENSIVE jeans. She got an amazing discount and I was able to get two pairs. Now I can't replace them because they are so expensive! But... I love them! I LOVE jeans! Forever in Blue Jeans! They are the best!

Have a good day!
Angie xoxo

fairmaiden said...

Thank you for visiting me at Sea Cottage and leaving a *sweet Thought*. It has been helpful for both my hubby & I for people to tell us, 'we've been through that', so that we don't feel alone. Thank you for uplifted us in prayer. I am going to add your blog to my *sweet sites* and visit regularly. Bless you<><

fairmaiden said...

Oh, one more thing...I want some of those wide leg jeans too!!! We do have an Old Navy near us and as soon as I have some extra money, I want to get a pair.

Tonja said...

Jeans! We all love 'em and we all have trouble finding the right pair. If I ever find the right pair, I'm gonna buy a dozen...well, maybe 1/2 a dozen.

Our Kohl's is opening tomorrow. I've never shopped in one very much, but hey, they sent me a $10.00 coupon to use on I'll check them out.

KristieMD said...

Hey sweet lady! That is so funny that postcard says that! And boy am I in for it if time goes faster as you get older if I already think it goes fast! I want some of those jeans too. So tell me when you find some!! Love you tons!