Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Reunion.......Part 1

Well, today was the brother, sister, sister's granddaughter, mama and I loaded up and drove to De Funiak Springs, then on to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church for the Anderson/Broxson reunion....You see since wayyyyy back in the, well way back, the Andersons and the Broxsons started marrying one another. Now it is a big mixture. The day started nicely, we were cruising on the road for way too long when everyone but the driver (guess who? Right! The man) realized we were lost. We finally pressured him to stop at the Friendship Baptist church and ask directions. Thankfully, someone was there and directed us. Eventually we arrived at the little church pictured Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

The first picture is the church itself, then there is the sign my daddy built before he died and the granite rock which is self explanatory. My great grandfather Preacher Dan Anderson was the first preacher. We went into the little church, late, but we were there and listened to family history for a while...then mama quite out of the blue wanted to introduce her great granddaughter....who wouldn't stand up:) She's 7 poor girl. After all the inside stuff was over, everyone was scurrying for the bathroom, there 4 bathrooms, two of them were right behind the church. They are old but o.k. Sis and mama and I went in and locked the door. Did our business and started out.....the door wouldn't unlock, I mean would not....Cathy tried, I tried, then I, being very claustrophobic and knowing I couldn't climb out the one small, high window, started yelling "Help, we're locked in the bathroom". I yelled several times until the man in the bathroom next to ours says "Do you need help?" ...Ummmmm, YES! So we kept trying but that door was not unlocking. My brother had decided to kick the door in when mama's cousin came by and took out his knife and started taking the doorknob off.....finally! We were free. Whew....By the time we finally got to the food, we were lucky to get the last little bits. It was wonderful....and it feels good to be a good Scottish girl with ancestors in the cemetery behind the church. There is more.....later.

For some reason blogger is not letting me move pictures around so the one of my sister pulling on the bathroom door is when we were stuck!

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