Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh Yes It is!

Momrn2 over at My Quiet Corner did a post on life being hard. Great post! One of my favorite verses has been John 16:33b....."In this world you will have many troubles. Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." The first time this scripture really came to life for me was when a campus outreach student worshipping in our church quoted it....she was here from one of the Eastern European countries. She knows what it means as a Christian in a non Christian country to have troubles. Yet, her face was glowing, smiling.

Yes, if you live long enough you will have problems. Thankfully, underneath those who trust Him are those everlasting arms. Many times I hold on to the branch above not quite sure if those arms can hold me and my baggage. Then I discover that the branch is the "True Vine" and I am holding on for dear life through every wind and wave of trouble.

This was actually a pretty good weekend though. Two of our sons were were here and we enjoyed visiting and catching up....oh, the youngest did happen to bring his tuition bill! After we fainted, we went out in the backyard and picked some money off the money trees :) and sucked it up and wrote the many more years does he have???

Today after church and lunch, they left to go home, so all is quiet at our house. The dogs and cats, the husband and wife, we are all tired! So this afternoon it was naps for all! I just know a great week is ahead! So to all, a good week!


Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Hope you had a great nap!!!
Time for bed now. :)


Theresa said...

At last, a blogger with grown children, one of mine is still in college! He just called me for money....does it ever end?

And a blogger who loves naps, me too!

Dawn said...

My son is still in school, or again I should say, at 30. He always needs a bit more money than financial aid covers. I dread to see that final bill when he's through!

fairmaiden said...

john 16:33 has been in my heart and prayers this year too!