Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Forever, if anyone says to me "just relax" I tense up like a stretched out rubber band. Which over the years has lead to jaw, neck and shoulder pain. I go to a wonderful massage therapist (if you live in the Panama City area I'd be happy to give you her number). Yesterday was massage day and as I was trying to take deep breaths and relax, she commented that she didn't want to lose clients, but she would love to see me completely without tension one day! She also suggested on another occasion that I leave my body to science! O.K. I'm tense! I do relax under anesthesia, does that count? Anyway, I felt better all day. When my dear husband called and asked if I wanted to go out to eat last night, I said oh, no, I'd much rather cook....j/k I whooped and said of course darling, no sacrifice is too much for you! So we went whole hog, drove all the way to the beach and ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. When I say whole hog, well all I can say is oink! I've tried to eat light today. But what fun and how nice to have a night out with the man I love.

Since we were out and having such a good time and our bellies were full and we were so content, I gently reminded him that we have an anniversary coming up. He said when, I said when? He fumbled until I took pity on him and told him the date. We married one month to the day after Hurricane Opal. When I woke up that morning, heard it was a category 5 headed for Florida, I thought, oh, I hope my wedding dress doesn't get wet! Sounds shallow huh? It's not even that my wedding dress was that special, I mean it was to me, but it wasn't real expensive....this was after all a second marriage between 40 somethings. But more of that with pictures on the actual day.

This was truly the day the Lord had made and we were glad and rejoiced in it!


Theresa said...

I loved reading this.

I laughed at the "oinking" part.

Relaxing is very difficult for me too, it takes me until Sunday to wind down and then the crazy week starts again.

I'm gonna take some time to go through your archives over the weekend, I'd love to read about your marriage because I am in my 40's and might have some news to share soon....shhhhhhh.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I love it when people read my blog!!!!! So thanks!

Dawn said...

My husband doesn't have to mentioned eating out more than once! I'm out the door, in the car!