Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day.....

First thing this morning,
before I went to church,
I visited my mother where my heart too quite a lurch!
I picked the perfect present,
One I knew she would like,
But my younger sister,
Had the same idea as I!

O.K. I'm not the poet tonight! Anyhow, it was a movie and they opened and watched it last nite, so I'll be taking the one I got back to the store! This is my younger sister formerly known as Debbie, Debra. She spent the nite with mama.

Last nite, my husband sheepishly said, "I forgot to get you a card." I said never fear, dear, I have an extra! So we just marked out Mother and replaced it with I bought my own card. I bought my own present too, just works better that way!
Mama and me! She was just getting dressed for an outing with Debra and other family members.
My sweet husband with his mama. He picked up lunch after church and MIL was fixing FIL's plate.
Sweet husband and the wife/mother! Sounds kind of like swamp monster huh??? Is he cute or what???

Two of our sons and our daughter in law in our present dining room at FIL's. We eat all our meals on t.v. trays up in his room so we can be with him at mealtime. It works well! He slept through lunch, but it was nice to be with him.

No pictures, but eldest son called and left a message saying Hey, mom, Happy Mother's day, I love you. Unfortunately I didn't get to actually talk to him as my phone was on silent. But the message was sweet and made me happy.
Next son called Friday to say Happy Mother's day. I thanked him and reminded him it wasn't until today. Today he called and invited me to come eat hamburgers with him and his roommate. I was thrilled, but I needed to be at FIL's so I took a rain check.
NO CARDS! Well, except the one I bought for an extra and ended up with! The youngest who is usually the most thoughtful in that area even forgot! But each one told me Happy Mother's Day and I know each one loves me. That's enough.
I'm thankful for my own mother and for each of my children and grandchildren. God trusted me with them all and now I trust him with them!

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Needled Mom said...

Loved the photos of your mothers. What a bathing beauty!!!

That was a great story about how you and Debra got the same gift. I once had a teacher who would say, "Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ." I tend to believe in your case that it was the "great minds" part.

Have a good week.