Friday, May 30, 2008

Calories, Schmalories!

Don't you just LOVE the new 100 calorie snacks??? They're perfect! That is unless after eating one snack, you say to yourself....."that was only 100 calories, I think I'll have another." Thich then turns into another and before you know it, you've eaten 600 calories.

One of my friends asked if I have any diet tips. Here's one.....don't snack like I do.

That is so sad.


Needled Mom said...

Oh yes....the Hershe*y ones are absolutely delicious. It is hard to stick to just one. :(

Dawn said...

I can totally relate to this post!! Totally!!

Thanks for praying and caring.

Theresa said...

The 100 calorie Butterfingers are my favorite!!!!!!

I'm on a strict diet until the wedding, but after I say "I do" there's gonna be an eating frenzy goin on in Connecticut!!!!!

thouartloosed said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. I just discovered Hostess 100 calorie chocolate cupcakes. They are little fudgy yummy delights. But you are right-I have to remember they are 100 calories a serving and not 100 calories for the whole box.

Tonja said...

Have you been peeking through my windows?

I like the Special K granola bars...I think they are only 90 cal.

Kelsey S said...

I just love the 100 calorie packs!


leslie said...

I've seen those boxes but don't buy them because...well, I know I wouldn't stop at one! :(