Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our mothers, They taught us love!

These are our mothers.....

The top picture is my MIL with Russell and his brother and sister....please note Russell's precious pose done while his mother was smiling for the camera! My MIL is a true southern belle. She obviously raised her middle son to be the best husband in the world, so I'm eternally grateful to her. I'm also proud to call her my friend.

This is my mother and her really cute little girl (me) at the St. Andrew's State Park. Note she was a real bathing beauty! Seriously, I really have the best mother in all the world! Plus she brought me up to be the best wife in the world.....that's a joke guys!

These two women's children truly rise up and call them blessed.

We love you two. We thank you for teaching us faith, consistency, stability, but most of all for just being "there" every day and being Godly mothers.

Happy Mother's day.


Dawn said...

Cute pictures! I am also blessed with a wonderful mother and a wonderful MIL.

Tonja said...

Hope your day today is filled with nice surprises! Love the pics!



leslie said...

Hope your day was wonderful, Nancy!