Friday, May 2, 2008

How long will it be? Where does it go?

On the subject of time, 12 years ago today, my daddy died. Suddenly. He looked happy in this picture, but his transition lenses sure weren't working!

Time....I was just thinking how I have plenty of time to look for just the right locket for my granddaughter's birthday
Then I stayed with my fil today and thought how little time we have left with him.
Then I think about my age and think how quickly I got here. Wait, where did that one come from?????? Just forget about my age, very unimportant.

Psalm 139:16 says ......."All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

Another college school year is ended and Matt is home for the summer. That went fast!

In God's time, everything is right on schedule.


Cathy said...

Oh, how I miss my Daddy!!!

Robin said...

I loved hearing from you. Was the snake inside or out when it ran across your feet? So crazy. Robin

Needled Mom said...

Oh yes, the time does go so quickly. How badly we all want to grow up and when we get there we wonder why we wanted it so fast.

It's hard to imagine another school year has passed already.

Tonja said...

So fast it flies! We must savor every moment. I know you'll enjoy Matt being home for a while.

Dawn said...

Very good look at time in different ways! Yes, this school year has flown - graduation at the university is next week. My son is finishing his junior year - finally!! One more year and we'll have a super celebration!

leslie said...

Yes, where does it all go? Seems like I should only be about 28 or 30, but I'm already twice that! I sure hope the good Lord gives me more time to be able to see some of my dreams come true.

becky said...

Wow...time really does go soooooo fast...and the truth, spoken by a friend of mine who is now in heaven, is "we each have today". I want to make it count!