Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11 and.....Disney, not so magic!

I'm saying prayers today for those who lost loved ones in 9/11. I will never forget that day. The images of those towers falling and all the terrified people will always be embedded in my memory.

May God help us as a country!


When we arrived at our resort in Disney World, we waited in a really long line to check in....lots of people were checking out and trying to get to planes. One sweet couple from England only had 45 minutes to get to their flight. We started talking to the wife while her husband was busily trying to check out. Even in their rush, the husband came back and offered us their last two coupons for snacks in the park. So thanks to them, we each enjoyed an ice cream! Although, when you see pictures, you'll think to yourself "hmmmmmm, maybe she should have skipped the ice cream!"

We had a massive problem teeny little problem with our check in process. My sister made reservations for two connecting rooms which of course are extremely important when you have 4 ladies together....we needed a connecting room! Our check in person (really, I don't know what they're called), explained that unfortunately they saved all connecting rooms for families with small children.

O. K. First of all, my sister asked and wasn't told that. Second of all, if you have small children don't you want them in the room with you? Maybe not. But at any rate, we asked for a manager and didn't get one, so we asked where to complain. I have a huge grin on my face because we aren't usually complainers. :) We walked over to the Concierge....don't you just love that name?? who promptly asked if he could look again. We said oh, yea. He not only found us connecting rooms, but they were water view! So off we went, happy as four clams.

We quickly dropped off our luggage in the room and headed over to Ep*ot, where we decided to ride test track. I've ridden this ride many times, many times! But this time, the ride just stopped......we were at an odd angle which was very uncomfortable, but assumed that momentarily we would either start again or someone would come to our rescue.

Have I ever mentioned here that I suffer from anxiety, otherwise known as PANIC DISORDER??? The situation quickly became not funny at all and I began to feel how tight the seat belt was and I thought I couldn't breathe. Before you say anything, let me tell you that logic plays absolutely no part in panic.

I first asked if anyone had any scissors. I would honestly have cut myself out of that seatbelt if I could have. We were stuck for about 10 minutes. The longest 10 minutes!

The picture below was taken by a fella who was across the track from us, stuck in a similar position.

When we finally got started again and pulled into the station, I got right out. The attendant came over and told me that we could ride again without getting out. I'm sure I had a crazed look on my face as I told her I would NEVER be riding that ride again.

You can see me in the lower position in the front. My sister is on her phone. She should have been calling 911, but I think she may have been calling her husband. I got laughed at more than once after that ride.

Only good things happened after that. Or else, they all seemed good compared to being stuck on that ride! There was a lot of laughter! Here we are having a little supper in Mexico.

Chip and Dale had a few hugs for us!


Sheryl said...

OH my goodness, how fun! And may I ask: just what would you have done had you cut yourself out with those scissors?? ha (but i do understand the panic disorder)

Love to you


nancygrayce said...

Oh, Sheryl, I would have gotten out and walked down that track! OR if I couldn't do that, I just would have held on real tight!!! :)

Jason and Roxy said...

Now you'll know to pack some scissors in your purse!!! Rounded edges though!!!

nancygrayce said...

Roxy, I probably won't make it through security even with the rounded edges.

When you're over 50, you'll understand. I can't believe how fast I got here!

Tonja said...

I am so glad you had a good time! How could you not, right? Sorry about the car mess uo, though! No fun, I know! Glad you are home safely...with sweet memories!

Dawn said...

That sounds like so much fun! Except for the trouble at the hotel and the rides! Being together and eating and laughing - that's the fun.

Thanks for joining in!

windycorner said...

How fun! I can just imagine all the giggling and laughing til your grins hurt. I didn't realize I was entitled to this privilege as an over 50 lady. Now I'm gonna take advantage.

Leigh said...

I LOVE epcot, more my "speed" (aprdon the pun) than Disney. LOve testrack. Sorry your test failed.