Friday, September 12, 2008

My favorite ride....but first.....

All those in the path of Hurricane Ike are in our prayers tonight. This is such a big storm that the water here is way up and we're hundreds of miles from Texas. Also, on the news tonight a little gulf front community east of us had a few homes cave into the gulf. That's a big storm!


In the car on the way home, my sister asked what was our favorite thing in Disney....well, I've already told you what wasn't my favorite thing!

I think my favorite ride is Tower of Terror....I rode it several times during our visit. There are some close seconds, thirds and fourths though.

I really like Rocking Roller Coaster. Here is a picture of a picture they take during the ride. All of us being too cheap frugal to buy the pictures they take, I just took a picture of their picture. There you go, saving money! That's my motto in life, just ask my husband. No, don't really! He won't agree. He wishes someone would steal my credit card because he's sure they would spend less than me!

I also like Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom. Yes, another picture of a picture! Maybe NOW he'll believe I'm frugal! :) O.K. probably not!

You might notice that my safety bar isn't pulled down as tight as my sister's. I'm such a quick learner! I didn't want to have another panic attack, so I left it just a little loose! You may also notice that my hands are not in the air. My sister's are. She's so brave!

Interesting things always happen wherever we go, because......well, I guess because we're nosy interesting and get in every one's business so naturally people just can't wait to talk to us! This man, posing with my sister, holds the Disney record for riding Expedition Everest the most times. That string you see in the picture actually holds a clicker and it gets clicked every time he rides. At the time we took this picture, he had ridden over 2,000 times...way over. Seriously, he probably needs to get a life. But we enjoyed meeting him!

Singing in the rain was a fun spot! You step on that little square and it starts raining.

Finally, for today that is, we starred in a pretend commercial! Yes, folks, we were discovered! Well, actually, we were walking down the sidewalk and stopped to watch a pretend director and camera girl do their thing. They chose a person from the street to be the one who does that little thing where they say take one,two and so forth.....and someone to star in the commercial.

We noticed a woman in the door to a store with a fake fish in her hand....suddenly the director says action, she walks out, holds the fish up and says grouper, I eat it just for the h*ll of it. We were aghast that they were actually using profanity in Disney World and then the director said, no, no......for the HALIBUT. The poor woman didn't understand him. We laughed so hard and my sister ended up standing in the star's place. When the director told her she was in the star's place, she just answered, well, I'm a star!

We then were escorted out into the street, given directions and here's what we did.....Debbie held the fish.....Freida (our friend) said I eat.......Debbie said Grouper......Cathy's my PORPOISE.....and I life! We are now officially NOT stars! But it was fun and we laughed a lot! Of course, we laughed a lot the entire time we were there!

Are you tired of Disney yet?


Keetha said...

NancyGrayce, you look so cute in your little capris and tops!!!!

nancygrayce said...

Thanks Keetha! I came home and went straight on a diet! When I saw the pics, I saw the lbs. I have gained!

windycorner said...

You can never be too rich, thin, or have enough Disney. Love your pictures.

Kim in NC said...

Oh how fun!

I love Disney - seeing these pics sure makes me want to plan a trip!

Definitely praying for the people in the path of Ike. It is amazing the impact it is having on so many places!

Well thank you for stopping by my blog. Still a fairly new thing for me, but I enjoy it and really love reading others.

I'll be sure to stop back!

leslie said...

Looks like such fun! I can hardly wait to go there. :D

Nicole said...

What fun pictures you have of your trip. Fun memories!


Theresa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. And you do look cute in those capris!

Needled Mom said...

What fun you all had. It truly sounds like it was the happiest place on earth -- after check in. I'm glad that you got that all sorted out.

Dawn said...

Looks like so much fun! But I think I'll wait till it cools down to go!