Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not too isolated!

Good news all around about our "camping" trip. We do have internet connection. Cell service is real spotty, but I like that. At least for a day or two!

One of the things I was concerned about was how dark I knew it would be out here. We took chairs outside, sat and leaned our heads back and looked up at the sky. The stars! Oh, my goodness, you don't really see them unless you're in the complete dark. We turned off the lights in the motor home and just sat in total amazement. I was looking for a falling star, but didn't see one. You will not hear me using the word awesome very much. That's because I think awesome means something that inspires awe and that we use it way too much for just the everyday things in life. But, let me tell you. Those stars were awesome, awe inspiring and a very visual evidence of the Creator. As the night grew darker, they just seemed to pop out and sparkled.

My husband said, how can anyone see this and believe there is no God?

Today, we rode around so husband could fill up his deer feeders. We saw three small deer crossing the road. I said Run, run for your life! Hunting season is near!!!! They must have heard me because they did run. Bless their little hearts!

I'm enjoying this. I have to admit I wasn't expecting too, but I am!


leslie said...

I know what it's like to sit in the "woods" when it's dark and watch the stars appear! It's absolutely glorious, isn't it? But I'm wondering where do the alligators go when it gets dark? That is one HUGE alligator in that there picture below!

Sheryl said...

I am with you about the word awesome! It is overused. But I'm sure seeing the stars truly was awesome. So glad you warned the poor little deer!!


Needled Mom said...

That is one of the best parts about being in the wilds. The stars are a sight to behold. Did you find the big and little dipper?

Glad you have internet, but I must say that really does not count as being in the woods!!!!!

Keetha said...

So glad you are enjoying the trip in spite of all your previous dreads.

I love seeing the stars like that.

Sharon said...

This is sooo cool, I am glad you are enjoying yourself.. The stars are a beautiful site, when you get in the complete darkness.
Have you roasted any marshmellows yet?? Do you have a nice fire going??
Looking forward to hearing more about your trip

Katie and Beau said...

When are you coming home?

Cathy said...

That is one good thing about being without electricity after a hurricane.........we all sit outside at night trying to get cool and watching the glorious sky!

nancygrayce said...

No, we didn't get to have a fire, it was way to dry and we might have started a forest fire!

I did see the little dipper but soon there were so many stars, I got confused. Also, those are the only two I can pick out :)

Katie, we're home, but today I had to wash clothes all day so no time to blog!

Leave it to my sister to be positve! wink wink