Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You can just call me the investigative reporter!

Yes tonight I'm going to try out the solution . This is providing so much good medicine in the form of laughter for my husband that I just can't give up! He helped me pull that waist cincher tight and I'm wearing it to bed fully expecting to wake up tomorrow with a tiny little waist!

Of course, I'm also the one who tries every new beauty cream and expects to wake up the next morning beautiful. Yes, I get disappointed a lot!

I'll be giving a report tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Sharon said...

I hope it works for you. Looking forward to the results.
My hubby and I have done things like this as well and have laughed at eachother, Laughter is great medicine.
Have a great day

Keetha said...

I hope you can continue to BREATHE as you smash all your viscera together!!!!!

You may LOOK thinner because you have been compressed - - - but it WON'T make you lose any mass overnight.

Call me a pessimist.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, Keetha, the word viscera sounds so awful.....I just call it fat! :) Wouldn't it be nice if there was really something to make you lose weight overnight???

Keetha said...

Did I ever tell you I teach Anatomy?

Fat is adipose tissue. Your viscera are your abdominal organs.