Monday, October 27, 2008

The weekend....The baby shower!

What a great weekend! It was baby shower time for Mary Grace in Pensacola! We had a wonderful time at the shower and just visiting!

Mary Grace hates baby belly pictures and is probably going to kill me, but doesn't she look precious! Little Grady was trying to show off for the party!

Mary Grace with her hostesses, Lauren and Veronica. They did a great job with the shower, the food was great!

Sitting, Mary Grace with sister Katie,Sister Emily and me.

Sitting, my sister Cathy, me, Sister Emily and Mary Grace....standing Sister Katie and our good friend, Carol.

Sitting....Sister in law Robin, Mary Grace, sister Emily......standing....sister Katie, step mom, Charlotte, mother in law Elaine and Sister in law Janeen.

Mary Grace opening presents! This is the fun part. The cake sitting beside Mary Grace was made by her sister in law Janeen and had all sorts of was so neat and creative.

Lots of presents to open! The baby will not be deprived, trust me!

Whew....that was hard work... next they have to figure out how to get them home!

After the shower, we went to my sister's home to change clothes, then went to Mary Grace's home where her brother Brian and her dad and pretty much everyone (except me) was putting together the pack n play and the stroller, sorting clothes and then Mary Grace treated us to chili supper which was yummy!

It's always so wonderful to get us all together. Especially for such joyous events. So come Christmas time, I imagine we'll all be back in Pensacola to help Mary Grace deliver her baby boy!

As always, the weekend went too fast and too soon it was time to get back home.

Russell and Tommy spent the weekend in the woods hunting. They didn't murder kill anything but they had fun.

My mind was totally at ease because I had a great friend/house sitter come to take care of our animals. Thanks Dabney!


Needled Mom said...

Looks as though everyone was having a wonderful time. What a beautiful mom-to-be. LOVE that artful cake too.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing the pix.......looked like we were all having a good time!!

Suzanne said...

This was so nice. I can see how much you love these gals! Glad you all had such a lovely lovely shower!:)

Nicole said...

Looks like such a great time!!! What a beautiful family you have!


windycorner said...

Looks like so much fun and Mary Grace is a beautiful mother-to-be. Isn't it amazing all the stuff they make for babies these days!:)
To answer your question about Roxy having a black puppy: poodles come in lots of different colors and any mother can have any color puppies. Her litter had two black and four white pups. I wish I had a couple more dogs, too, but Hubby says one at the time.

Connie said...

What a wonderful time and a beautiful mother-to-be! My daughter is due anyday....she is so excited! Connie

Tonja said...

oh, what a wonderful day you had! Everyone looks so happy and delighted to be together! Isn't it wonderful that you live close enough to be a part of their lives? Best wishes to her as she nears delivery!

Loved the 'murder' comment!:)

dabneyh said...

Nancy, I would love to watch your little dogs and cat(s) anytime! they were sweet :o) I am glad you had such a good time!!

Dawn said...

I think I lost my comment - if not, you'll get two.

Looks like a wonderful fun-filled girls' week-end. She had a beautiful maternity top on!

Jason and Roxy said...

It looks like y'all had a WONDERFUL time!!! MG looks so pretty... and I can't believe how much her belly bump has changed since I last saw her!!!!

Sharon said...

Awwwww, The pictures are great, looks like everyone is having a great time... and Mommie is absolutely Beautiful!

Congratulations to the all!!

leslie said...

Well, first I want to commiserate with you about breaking out in hives! I'm now on prednisone to get rid of a rash I've had for about 3 months and won't go away. We've tried everything - stopping one medication, watching diet, etc. But I HAVE to get rid of it because - YAY - I finally have a date for my surgery! Jan 13th - so I'll have a nice Xmas and then - oh my goodness, I'm already getting more hives from nerves!

Second, I want to congratulate you for having such a beautiful family, even if some of them are sort of "adopted" - I'm sure all the girls appreciate your staying in touch since their Mom's passing and it will make it a teeny bit better when she delivers her precious new baby.

Finally, you just have to come over and see my latest essay entitled "Obamination." I'm sure to get lots of flack - but I don't care! Too many Americans have been sucked in by this man and I just have to speak out as an objective bystander who cannot vote in the USA. Please Please Please come and comment!

Thinking of you often and sending hugs your way! (I consider you one of my Florida friends!)