Friday, October 3, 2008

Off for the weekend....

We're off for a weekend adventure.

We're taking our motor home to the woods, and I do mean the woods.

Russell's grandfather owned a big piece of land about 45 minutes from where we live. Russell's mother lived there until she was in high school. They had a home, several other homes where workers lived and a commissary where they bought their daily supplies.

Russell's grandfather grew pine trees for turpentine. They had their own little school where Russell's mother and her brother and cousin, along with some other children who lived in the area went to school through the elementary years.

Later MIL's father sold the land, but retained hunting and fishing rights through his grandchildren. There are many beautiful ponds and lakes on the property and through the years my husband's family and friends have spent many happy times there. So, that's where we're going this weekend. We will take the motorhome and I'm just hoping we don't get stuck!

As you can see from the picture, this is the head of the welcoming committee in the pasture! I'm excited! Besides aligators, we know there are deer there, and if my imagination is worth anything, there are bears and wildcats......probably lions and other scary creatures!

I asked my husband what we were going to do while there, and he said he was putting up a tree stand, refilling the deer feeders.....please, I'm not in favor of the whole baiting the deer thing, so that part I just can't help. I then said, no, what am I going to do????? I guess I'll be taking lots of books. I've spent the morning getting the dogs ready. Putting the tick medicine on them. It is the woods you know! I do NOT want ticks on my babies!

We may or may not have cell and internet service. We usually get our internet through my husband's blackberry when we are on trips, but may not be able to get reception in the forestwoods. We'll see. He didn't inform me of this until this morning. So........have a good weekend everyone. If you never hear from me again, just know I'm in a bear's stomach somewhere in North Florida!


Sharon said...

You are too funny, I wish I was going with you, the weather seems perfect this weekend for that. Yes book's, and just imagine the peace you will experience and looking at all of what God created. I go to Ocala alot. I got a 8 point out there years back. But not into the hunt no more just in the beauty.
Have fun, if I were you I wouldn't worry to much about the bears, watch out for the snakes. ewwww

Keetha said...

Except for the fact that it is college football season just now and I would HATE to miss my Saturday games - - - the quiet time reading sounds REAL good.

Try to stay away from those bears.

Nicole said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderfully scary trip:) Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!:) I feel a song coming on. Enjoy your weekend!


new mom in law said...

thank you!!! we have enjoyed many weddings in the last few years. hope to post about all of them. have a great saturday!