Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Canadian friends

Please take a moment to go over to Leslie's blog and read her Canadian insights into Obama. She makes the best points. Thanks Leslie! Thanks to Canada for always being our friend and for caring what happens here in the U.S.

Then run over to McMama's blog to see what a great God we serve and what miracles he does!


Needled Mom said...

Leslie is certainly seeing all of this through an impartial eye. What she writes has excellent points, but will fall on deaf ears too often. Keep praying for our country.

Cathy said...

Pray for America!!

Keetha said...

For the first time in my 33 and a half years of marriage hubby and I will be canceling out each other's votes.

He bought into the slick talk and "fresh" image.

I have "issues" with BOTH candidates, but in the end will vote for balance and for the party platform with which I agree more. I CANNOT vote pro-abortion and pro-more-social-spending.