Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lost for a title

I'm really lost for a title for this post. After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, my husband and two of our sons went hunting for 2 days. Off to the pasture in our motor home. No meat for the freezer but they had a good time.

It was a really nice, laid back weekend with the men in the woods and my DIL here with me, no way to know what would come just a few days later.

On Tuesday of this week, we heard that my nephew's MIL, Lani, died. This nephew and niece hosted the Thanksgiving dinner. Jennie's mother was there and seemed fine. We all talked and laughed the way you do at family functions with not a thought of losing any one there in a few days. Then Tuesday, Lani wasn't answering her phone and her daughter went over and found she had never gotten out of bed,apparently dying in her sleep.

What a shock. We, in our family, all too well understand that, as our dad died suddenly and very unexpectedly. So our thoughts and prayers are with Jennie and all this family.

Mike and Jennie last Christmas

Jennie's mama, Lani, also last Christmas

Then today when I was checking on Stephanie Vest, a young woman who has been fighting a battle for her life, I saw she died last evening.

It so reinforces the fact that our lives are short on this earth and we need to live them knowing that we are not promised another breath on this earth.

Please keep these families in your prayers. Thanks!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey, I am new here! What a great blog :)

Dawn said...

Wow - she looks so young. It is so true that we just never know what the next hour will bring. We must always be ready. Thanks for the good reminder.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful woman, Yes we don't know, and it's so hard.
I lost my brother last year 12/31 it hasn't been a year yet, feels like yesterday.
I am so sorry to hear this!
God Bless you and your entire family

Needled Mom said...

We never know what life has in store for us. So sorry to hear about both deaths.

Midwest Nest said...

After reading your blog about Stephanie and following your link to read more about this young life, I read through our paper's obituaries this morning and was surprised to see her obit in our paper this morning. She grew up in my town. Such a small world. Such a sad story.