Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The's a flying.

I just want you to know that it cannot be almost, it just can't. I only got my Christmas cards Tuesday and put just a few of them in the mail today. Meaning I'm nowhere near being ready for anything, much less Christmas!

Oh, funny post office story. The post office nearest my home is always crowded, even when there isn't an impending doom holiday. I needed stamps so I reluctantly got in line with hundreds of people carrying lots of packages that needed weighing, insurance, return receipts, etc. Just as I was debating how badly I needed stamps or if maybe I could somehow coerce Russell into getting them, a postal employee (in a good mood I might add) asked if any of us just wanted stamps. Yippee, I raised my hand along with 2 others. So we formed a completely separate line and he started with the first lady in line. She had THREE cards and was getting THREE stamps, but she was very confused about the process and took forever. When she finally ambled away and the guy in front of me got up to the counter, the postal employee in the next booth suddenly said I've got to go, I have a 1 o'clock appointment. Well, you may or may not get where this is going. When she left, the sweet stamp employee had to take over her position, effectively making the guy in front of me and, well, me, look like line breakers!

I came up with the perfect solution........I kept my eyes front and center and never looked back at those who had been standing in line longer than I had! Then I crept out and mailed my cards.

Yes, we also had our yearly termite inspection today. The one where the guy comes in and inspects every square foot of your house including your closets! He may have wondered why there were no presents under our tree until he walked into the guest bedroom and wrapping bags and paper attacked from every direction!

I apologized for my dogs who followed him around the entire house (well, the are guard dogs!) and he says to me well, that's better than them barking! Well, sir it is their house, and you are, in their eyes, an intruder! That was just what I thought, didn't say it out loud. Oh, my if I said everything that I thought......well, let's just say I shouldn't and won't!

But, back to my point (if there was a point to this mess) it cannot, simply cannot be almost Christmas!


Keetha said...

You are way ahead of me.

I don't even do Christmas cards anymore - - - not since I went back to teaching full time.

I have only bought ONE present - - - for my darlin' little grandson.

So - - - cheer up. You are leading the pack if I'm the pack!!!

Tonja said...

I actually believe someone stole a few days belonging to December, and threw us all behind!

I understand the post office story. I stopped by Winn Dixie and got in line to check out behind 3 others. A clerk came up to me and said, I'll take you on aisle 1. Which is the express lane...I was not a qualifier that day. She said come on...I did. But the folks who came up behind me gave me some irritated looks.

Oh, well..we just get lucky sometimes, I guess!

Sharon said...

hahahahaa this was cute, I have had the same things happen to me at stores and such, and feel as though the lord was watching over me. He saw or heard my needs!
I got mine bought just not wrapped, except my husband, of course his are.
Have fun and Merrrrry Christmas

Needled Mom said...

I think we are all feeling that time is running out on us. I need to do some serious time in too many areas.

The postal story sounds like a nightmare. Glad that I already have my stamps.

LisaShaw said...

You have a cute blog and I can tell a wonderful sense of humor. I love your dogs! I am a huge dog lover since child hood. I'm over 40and will hopefully have dogs for ever. I have two boys that I often call cotton balls when I allow their hair to grow out but their real names are Goodness and Merci. They are Maltese.

I'll have to come back by to visit with you. Merry Christmas and blessed New Year to you, your large and beautiful family (smile) and to your readers.

Becky said...

Termite inspection! I can tell you live in Florida.

That PO story is funny. And you think exactly like me.